Gov. Noem Statement on Nationwide Unrest

Gov. Noem Statement on Nationwide Unrest

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem issued a statement on the nationwide unrest over the past several days:

“We take the protection of people’s rights very seriously, as we’ve demonstrated over the last several months, including the right to peacefully protest,” said Governor Noem. “Make no mistake, mob rule and violence do nothing to honor the memory of victims. If asked, the state stands ready to assist local authorities to ensure everyone’s rights are protected. Rioting and looting, like we’ve seen in other cities and states, will not be tolerated in South Dakota.”


6 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Statement on Nationwide Unrest”

  1. The unrest we’re seeing is a culmination of truths reported by independent media for decades.

    We are fortunate to have executive leadership eyes wide open right now.

    Make no mistake about it, Antifa is casing houses of Trump-supporting conservative figureheads and leaders in SD, too.

    Stay frosty, Patriots.

  2. Might have been worth noting that Rapid City had a successful, peaceful demonstration yesterday.

    Positive reinforcement > Reminder that our Governor is tough

  3. Hey Jess were there bus loads of paid protesters bent on inciting riots and violence in Rapid?

    1. Nope, which is why I think it’s worth noting that SD does it right. They weren’t violent, just exercising their rights peacefully. Like I said, I think positive reinforcement goes a long way

  4. Thanks, Kristi, for mentioning WHY the protests are happening or apologizing on behalf of police forces for killing people in broad daylight. You’re not at all concerned about the root cause, are you?

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