Gov. Noem to Host Christmas at The Capitol Grand Lighting Ceremony

Gov. Noem to Host Christmas at The Capitol Grand Lighting Ceremony

PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem, First Gentleman Bryon Noem, and Pierre Mayor Steve Harding will host the 2023 Grand Lighting Ceremony for Christmas at the South Dakota Capitol in the Rotunda on Tuesday, Nov. 21, at 7 pm CT.

“This is always one of my favorite events of the year,” said Governor Noem. “Bryon and I can’t wait to greet all of the families at the Capitol for our annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. We hope you can join us for an evening of festive fun!”

The Capitol Christmas trees will be lit by the Harris family. The Harris family felt the call to foster and have since been called to adopt as well. They are incredible success story of foster and adoption, and they represent the great work our Department of Social Services is doing to build stronger families. They embody the spirit of the holidays, and we are excited to welcome them to light our very special Christmas trees.

The Capitol Christmas display includes 90 trees decorated by volunteers from communities, schools, churches, nonprofit organizations, and state government offices. This year’s theme for Christmas at the Capitol is “Winter Wonderland.”

The largest tree in the Capitol, a 27 ft Black Hills Spruce, is being decorated by the Great Plains Zoo and Butterfly House in Sioux Falls and was donated by Isaac Lalonde of Onida, SD.

At the ceremony, music will be provided by Surprise Package from the Pierre/Ft Pierre area.

Santa will be here to say hello to the kids and set out his North Pole Mailbox for the year. Children can write letters to Santa at home and bring them along to the Capitol and drop them into the mailbox, which will be located on first floor by the South Dakota First Ladies and First Gentlemen Exhibit while the display is open to the public.

Beginning on Wednesday Nov. 22 visitors can come see the Christmas trees from 8am to 10pm daily, including holidays and weekends. The last day to view the display is Tuesday, Dec. 26.

You can follow the Christmas at the Capitol events on Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. She’s back from Paris with a message of peace and love. Even for the haters out there. So nice to see her back in SD where freedom rings eternal as a gift from God. For most.

    1. ~ MAGAt ~ ??????????????????

      I see you get your daily marching orders from USA hating leftist organizations.

    2. Peace and love in Paris? Did you read the transcript of her speech? Giving aid and comfort to European fascists is not the same as giving a piece of loving to her boy toy cory in the city of lights

  2. She flies back to SD to throw a light switch on the xmas tree, and then we all give kudos and attagirls, and she returns to florida or DC?


    Image politics. its not about contents, its what about we can make the contents appear to be.

    1. “Image politics. its not about contents, its what about we can make the contents appear to be.”

      Oh, you mean like when bidumb says the economy is the greatest that it has been in a dozen years so don’t you believe your lying eyes.

    1. She’s on another level allright. Another level of Dante Alligheri’s seven levels of hell.

        1. Lar’s former wives would know. Too wives for him to remember with his brain cells fried. Lord only knows how many levels of hell those poor souls went thru living with him.

            1. Lar aka Larry Kurtz aka Crazy Larry a serial troll over at Dakota Free Press(Dakota Septic Tank) who’s likely chronically drug impaired posts include chemtrails, time travel assassins, far fetched conspiracies, expresses crazy and unfounded pseudo science. hate speech and misogyny. Many ex-wives who were likely put thru hell by him. He has been banned all over the country on various social media outlets.

              1. “He has been banned all over the country on various social media outlets”

                Except for the dakota septic tank…which speaks volumes of herr shortyberger’s standards (or lack thereof).

  3. She is like Peter Norbeck. We won’t remember a governor for a generation when she leaves office. She’s a giant in SD politics.

  4. the growth of this state from 2002 to 2018 set a pace that may not be reached again for the rest of this century. rounds and daugaard after him were the governors of my lifetime. there’s no competition. and rounds extending his service to sd through the us senate will yield benefits for decades to come.

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