Governor Kristi Noem feted as salesperson in chief, criticized for it by dems as South Dakota booms in wake of pandemic

The Argus Leader has a new story up with Democrats trying to complain that Governor Kristi Noem is being active in selling South Dakota for tourism, development and for generally being a great place to be:

“We have heard many times from South Dakotans who are concerned about the way Gov. Noem uses state dollars to market herself,” said Berk Ehrmantraut, the executive director of the South Dakota Democratic Party. “Gov. Noem should be focused on solving South Dakota’s problems, not boosting her personal brand.”


GOED Commissioner Steve Westra said those kind of results don’t happen if Noem didn’t ensure businesses could operate here without fear of being shut down. And that’s something he hears regularly.

“Gov. Noem has been South Dakota’s most effective marketing resource, boosting both economic development and tourism to our state,” he said. “When people come here, whether it’s to visit or to move here permanently, they consistently point to her leadership as a reason why.”


“Personally, I think she’s the best in the country at it, a belief supported by the data, all the records we’re breaking and the fact that South Dakota currently has the strongest economy in America,” Noem’s spokesman, Ian Fury, said last week when asked about the governor’s role in the state’s marketing. “The voters will have a chance to make their own determination.”

Read it here.

The part in the story where Democrats and others who are mewling that the Governor is being used to market the state are utterly silly, as South Dakota Governors are part of the state’s brand and marketing tools as long as we’ve had governors.

Such as this example to the left from 1985 where a state tourism poster pictures Governor Bill Janklow in front of the old Governor’s Mansion with his corvette advertising for the 1985 Black Hills Corvette Classic. So that maybe we would look more cool than stodgy North Dakota, or otherwise more desirable than our other riff-raff neighbors.

I can’t help but shake my head at people complaining about our state’s success.

South Dakota is 46th out of all 50 states in population. But during the COVID pandemic, our isolation, the outdoors & wide open spaces, and our laissez-faire approach to government is what people across the country were – and continue to be – looking for.

It’s literally part of the Governor’s job to be the state’s salesperson-in-chief and ambassador of the state to the country at large as we try to get people to come here versus go to someplace with more amenities and attractions, not to mention a more hospitable climate.

To the complainers, I’m sure in time South Dakota’s interstate travel will become more sparse and not as many people will want to come here soon enough.

But until then, yes, Governor Noem, please be the face of our state and get people to come spend money, and maybe possibly get a few businesses to pick up and move here.

Let’s keep surfing the wave of success for as long as we can make it last.

21 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem feted as salesperson in chief, criticized for it by dems as South Dakota booms in wake of pandemic”

  1. She can be rally proud of herself as all the other free states of the USA who are fighting against the usurper in washington and his chinese/communist/globalist puppet masters.

    Please, stop to peddle the fake numbers of so-called ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’ that exist on ly on TV and in the heads of hypocrondriacs and mentally challenged leftists.

    sars-cov2 has never been isolated, the scam is based on computer modelling made by crooks lie ferguson of the imperial collge (financed by bill gates) and career criminal a. fauci, a complete fraud.

    The ‘cases’ are created by the RTPCR test who inventor nobel price Dr Karry Mullis said it wasn’t made for diagnostics in 2019 just before being murdered to shut him up.

    The fantasy ‘deaths’ are pure creation made by fraud, riigging death certificates and labeling anyone who dies with covid push by corrupt government and ‘health’ officials.

    You’d better watch ‘agenda 2030’, the ‘great reset’ (check on the WEF and UN websites, they now tell you how they will disposess you fo everything and implement global communism and world genocide).

    The only people dying of ‘covid’ are the naive who too their untested fake ‘vaccines’, as the BS ‘covid deaths’ are all ‘vaccines deaths.

    South Dakota with other Free States are the envy of the world. Look at Europe and Australia and you will see waht fascism means. Nazis and commis are back in Austria, Germany, Italy, France and almost everywhere, the EU is the EUSSR, an evil empire who seeks the destruction of Europe and Europeans.

    Lucky are those who live in South Dakota…

    America is where we will make our last stand!

    1. I liked it better when all we had to worry about in South Dakota was the Trilateral Commission. LOL

    2. The Omicron Variant reportedly has mild symptoms, like soreness and exhaustion. The same thing you’d feel after a hard day’s work.

      No wonder Liberals are terrified of it!!

    3. posts like Anti Schallenberg’s show us why weed and alcohol need to be tightly regulated

  2. Gov. Noem has a higher national profile than any governor we’ve ever had, at least since Joe Foss. Joe Foss used his war-hero status to travel the nation widely to sell South Dakota. Kristi has done the same thing, through her cable news appearances. Alot of these ads seemed to run on cable news, so they were seen by the very people who admired her. No surprise that, amidst Covid, SD tourism had a great year in 2020 and even better in 2021, and people are moving here like crazy.

    Would those ads be as effective if it was just an anonymous narrator? No way.

  3. Her actions in office are actively collapsing childcare, education, and healthcare sectors and making this state outright hostile to working families.

      1. How did you know? We sit around smoke a few bowls, read Karl Marx and post on our friend Cory Heidelberger’s blog all day. Lora Hubbel 2022!

    1. Anonymous at 1:01PM
      in the past week I had an appointment at a medical clinic, picked up grandchildren at daycare, and saw kids going to and from school.
      No signs of collapse anywhere

  4. If only her character could match her salesmanship. Might have something to brag about then. Meanwhile, it will be an entertaining year watching her get bloodied during the primary. ((insert popcorn emoticon)

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