Governor Noem expands on comments that it’s not just Donald Trump who is the messenger; it’s all of us

From the Dakota Scout, Governor Kristi Noem goes into more detail in reference her comments on Donald Trump while attending the most recent RGA Meeting:

“What I said is every single one of us as Republicans need to be messengers. It’s all of our jobs. President Trump is the only one running for president, the only one who has been president. He’s obviously the leader of our party right now, and he has a responsibility, but we all do too.

“I think that’s what we need to recognize. We should not put all the weight of messaging what is great about America on one person, that it is every one of our jobs and we should get up every day with that responsibility on our shoulders.”

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12 thoughts on “Governor Noem expands on comments that it’s not just Donald Trump who is the messenger; it’s all of us”

  1. “Expands on”? Or “clarifies”? Or maybe “walks back”

    I like yesterday’s version of her comments

  2. “Noem told The New York Times on Wednesday that she didn’t think the former president, who filed paperwork Tuesday for another White House run, offered the ‘best chance’ for the Republican Party in 2024.”

    These boots were made for walkin’. And that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

      1. You clearly have not been paying attention…heck they were in a commercial together in mass? This fall

        1. 100% sarcasm. She never cut ties with him. Her photos with Corey were all over Twitter this last year. As for the MA commercial, I know the area well. It was in an area called “Little Italy”.

  3. Noem lashed herself to Trump’s sinking ship since the last election knowing full well that he has a mountain of personal defects and is ill-suited to be anything but a wedding greeter or a celebrity golfer. The real problem is the extent the mainstream of the GOP has allowed his megaphone to continue without shutting it down.

    The cowards are our members of Congress who, while privately despising Trump, knowing full well that he is bad for the country and bad for the party. Their fear is not BLM protesters or anyone on the left. Their palpable fear is from our very own citizens who have bought into Trump’s lies from the earliest days.

    What amazes is that this fear is real even though most South Dakotans are realistic and level-headed enough to turn away any and all primary challengers who are steeped in MAGA ideology. Noem bought her ticket to the Trump carnival and she needs to stay on the midway. While she didn’t pay the price in her re-election, she will pay dearly when she hits the “Pizza Ranch Circuit” in Iowa starting next year and people get a good look at how shallow she really is. There is nothing that “Crazy Corey” can do to prop her up.

  4. Noem has no chance zero zip of being President…she would get destroyed in iowa.

    She never was with Trump….she just played it up as it was popular atvthe time, now that is not….she is moving on

  5. the speech of the party is fractured, the message is missing. trump is basically saying ‘wasn’t i a better president?’ and nobody else is really talking except to apply litmus tests on whether you hate or love trump. when a republican does say ‘hey biden is wrong’ everything devolves into a shouting match about stolen elections. i don’t know what conversation the governor wants to pretend we’re all able to have, i just know the one that we do have.

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