Libs of TikTok post footage from the “kid-friendly,” “bring your whole family” drag event at SDSU

Wednesday Night’s “kid-friendly” drag show at South Dakota State University has made the twitter feed of Libs of TikTok, as they show what you were in for if you had brought your whole family as they had suggested:

As I had noted last week it didn’t sound very kid-friendly, I don’t know that my opinion is any different with footage leaking out.

What was I saying about it being like hosting strippers at SDSU?  Or do you believe nothing says “kid-friendly” like a strip of duct tape.

In reply to criticism over the event taking place at SDSU, SDSU President Barry Dunn had offered a media soundbite that the event “was not sponsored by the university.” Unfortunately, that claim rings a bit hollow in the face of previous events being sponsored by the same University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs  that Dunn had claimed had nothing to do with this years’ event.

Honestly, had the University not advertised the event as “kid-friendly,” and sold tickets on line that it was family-appropriate fare, it would have quietly slipped under the radar for yet another year, and no one would have really cared.  But, now I suspect the Board of Regents and South Dakota State University are going to have to do a lot of damage control in Pierre starting in January, because legislators are fired up over this one.  With good reason.

22 thoughts on “Libs of TikTok post footage from the “kid-friendly,” “bring your whole family” drag event at SDSU”

    1. So, in another thread on this blog elk made the claim Mrs Doubtfire was a drag show. Ok elk, give us the time during Mr Doubtfire (hr:min:sec) that resembled anything that was going on in this clip. Can you do that? Or was this another claim by elk that it couldn’t back up?

      1. Can’t you show some concern for real harm – instead of these imaginary problems? Five dead and 18 injured in the last few hours from an attack on a gay club in Colorado. The mass shooting may have been aimed at a drag show.

        Now that’s real destruction.

        Someone dancing around with fake boobs isn’t a serious problem. They were doing that before you were born. This faux outrage from the “grab em by the pu**y” faction… is a bit much.

        Dirty dancing police. That’s what you are. Get a life.

        1. Good point! There’s really no harm in sexualizing kids and softening the ground for gender/sexuality ideologies that will consign them to an adrift, Peter Pan existence for some or all of their lives. It’s super cool when parents and universities and multicultural centers get in on the act too.

          1. Have you been to Miami Beach? Have you been to Mardi Gras? Sturgis Rally. You want to ban all activities where kids might see something we might consider more “adult”?

            Kids don’t care. I have seen kids walk by a nude beach in downtown Barcelona and they didn’t even bother to look at the “scenery”. Kids aren’t turned on by your old body.

            So what if someone else considers an event appropriate for “the whole family”. Parents can determine those boundaries. They don’t need your help.

            1. “Have you been to Mardi Gras? Sturgis Rally. You want to ban all activities where kids might see something we might consider more “adult”?”

              Elk defending the right to go to the Sturgis Bike Rally? Why wasn’t it just this last summer and the summer before he was demanding that Governor Noem shut it down?

              You sure do like to reference all the places you have gone to that have public nudity and such…just saying.

              1. Real people die from Covid. At the height of the pandemic, it was foolish to pack 500,000 folks into a small town for ten days. Yes… people died. The rate of infections jumped by twenty times in the area in just a few weeks. Then the death rate rose. That’s a fact.

                How many died because fake boobs were seen by college students? Hmm? It’s YOU with the whacky priorities.

        2. Deflect, deflect, deflect. The subject at hand is not what went on in Colorado. The subject at hand is your claim that the movie Mrs. Doubtfire was in fact a drag show and when challenged to show us anything similar in the movie to what was recorded in the Tik Tok video you failed to do so like SOOOO many other times with your claims…surprise, surprise.

          So elk, I/we can all assume the answer is a big NO…you can’t show anything in the movie Mrs Doubtfire that resembles what the TikTok video clip showed.

          You can either be intellectually honest and answer or you can continue to deflect, your choice.

          1. Really? You are still obsessing about Mrs. Doubtfire?

            What happened in Colorado last night was a terrible tragedy. The drag show, which you are fixated on, is a nothing burger.

            1. I didn’t say it wasn’t a tragedy. Anytime something like that happens it is.

              But the subject at hand is the claim YOU made that now seems to be unable to be proven by you…again.

              HA! HA! Game, set, and match.

              1. I called the movie Mrs. Doubtfire a “drag SHOW” … four… days… ago.

                I didn’t mean to trigger you like this.

  1. I remember being traumatized by Cher’s outfits when I was a young tot. Very, very traumatized. Legislators… you must step in here. You’re our only hope.

  2. Yeah this crap is all over the place. Vermillion library has drag queens come in and read books to little kids. Nice.

    Plus usd is sending student activists to the local elementary schools to pass out “history” books. Surprise surpise they’re one-sided propaganda books that exploit Native American history to push angry divisive leftist ideas onto young kids. Completely inappropriate.

    Maybe after the bor is done with SDSU they can ask Gestring to keep her agitators out of our schools

  3. It’s not just SDSU.

    There is an even more outrageous display in Sioux Falls. Full monty. Children are exposed to this every day. Why can’t the legislature act?

    I’m talking about you… Fawick Park.

    1. Still can’t find the time-line in the movie Mrs Doubtfire that resembles the drag show at SDSU elk? Let me help you out here a bit. I will give you the timeline of the movie that DOES NOT resemble the drag show at SDSU. The timeline is from (hr:min:sec) 00:00:00 to 2:05:00. That is a giant clue and you should be able to figure it out now.

      1. This is not healthy. Let it go. You’ve carried on for four days about a simple observation. I said Mrs. Doubtfire is a “drag SHOW”. As in movie. Get it?

        1. Ya I get it….I get that you are now changing the semantics of what you meant in your original assertion. And now that you are being called out on your BS to prove what you said, you can’t. Just like so many other claims you have made.

          You don’t think this is healthy but yet, you feel the need to respond not to mention you keep posting stupid comments like the one above…HA!

  4. Odd that none of the comments here note that SDSU is an educational facility, college is expensive, and the taxpayers are asked to foot portions of the bills..
    How many of the students who attended this mindless frivolity are on scholarships, receiving Pell grants, or fully expecting the rest of us to pay for their student loans?
    Did the students who attended this thing learn ANYTHING from the experience? Has anybody ever figured out that if you hunkered down with a heavy course load, gave up the partying, you could finish college in 3 years instead of 4? Is it asking too much to tell college students that instead of wasting time and money, they need to hit the books and get it done?

    I don’t even want to get into the issue that drag queens are creative artists and could probably spend their time much more productively.

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