GoFundMe set up for Argus, other daily paper reporters whom Gannett is putting on unpaid furlough over Christmas

Apparently the Argus Leader is not just sending their printing to another state, but they’re sending the money paid for subscriptions outside of South Dakota, and proving what many suspect, that Gannett is kind of evil as they are putting their reporters on furlough over Christmas:

You can contribute to the GoFundMe here.

I do see that Berk Ehmergerd, the executive director for the Democrat Party for now, already gave $20.

14 thoughts on “GoFundMe set up for Argus, other daily paper reporters whom Gannett is putting on unpaid furlough over Christmas”

  1. My sardonic view:

    Oh God! Somebody do something!

    Or not.

    Maybe they could learn to weld?

    Because as purveyors of the information industry, they are incompetent, evil, or both.

    “Sudden Death Syndrome” of the careers of cowardly news media?

  2. I saw one of their reporters promoting this who said most of their reporters are “young” and “not from South Dakota” – stating this as reason they are in particular need.

    My thought was, perhaps that is exactly what is wrong. Anyone who knows the state has left.

  3. Wasn’t it someone from the Biden administration that told energy workers there are plenty of other jobs out there? Or something to that effect?

  4. Those furloughed can go to any one of the businesses that have had to cut back hours because of lack of staff, and theey could find a job. It’s called personal responsibility.

  5. What good is the Argus at this point? Other than sports? We can get our political and government news from Dakota Scout, business news from Sioux Falls.Business, and general news from SF Simplified. Get Matt Zimmer his own outlet and we’re set with locally owned, innovative news sources!

  6. At least they have time to secure a PT job for a couple weeks. Perhaps UPS or the mall. It’s called life. If they had two weeks off – call the unemployment office.

  7. Karma
    When the company your work for doesn’t match the liberal/progressive model you support. Do as I say, not as I do.

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