Governor Noem interviewed by Dakota News Now on broad range of topics, including vaccine passports

Dakota News Now has the scoop over it’s competitor KELOland, as the Governor sits down and discusses a broad range of topics.. including what she anticipates South Dakota is going to do with Vaccine Passports:

As of now, the governors of Florida and Texas have both used executive power to ban the use of vaccine passports, and Governor Noem says she agrees with those actions.

“We’ve looked at drafting executive orders, I also want to make sure I’m not overstepping my authority and what I can do. The state government will certainly not be mandating or making sure that’s there’s any kind of enforcement on a vaccine passport and we’re looking at what implications are of these types of decisions and what we need to do when it comes to private businesses and other entities in local government as well.”

Read (and watch) the entire 20 minute interview here at Dakota News Now.

3 thoughts on “Governor Noem interviewed by Dakota News Now on broad range of topics, including vaccine passports”

  1. Let’s mold the logic a little, shall we?

    Only essential services should not be allowed to exclude a person for a mask or a vaccine.

    Additionally, for any type of business that can legally exclude unvaccinated people (also people who have natural immunity), businesses of that type may also exclude the vaccinated.

    Very. Divisive. Issue.

    This is why moral peeing contests are no substitute for a cogent, nation-first operating system.

  2. It’s interesting that the same people who will defend a private business’ refusal to bake a cake will complain if a private business wants to keep unvaccinated passengers off its planes.

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