Governor Noem won’t use special session to address transgender participants in sports

Governor Noem is apparently taking note that the House and Senate will only agree to disagree when it comes to the issue of addressing transgender students participating in sports, according to the Argus Leader this AM. And that means she’s not going to call a special session for it, as the House and Senate are just too far apart to come up with legislation that would be able to make it to her desk:

After a conference call between South Dakota legislative leaders and Gov. Kristi Noem on Wednesday, a decision was made not to include a ban on transgender women and girls from playing female designated sports on the list of potential bills to consider during an anticipated special session in late May or early June.

That’s according to high-ranking Republican members of both the state Senate and House of Representatives, who told the Argus Leader late Wednesday it was determined the two legislative bodies are so far apart in the debate over fairness in women’s sports and transgender sports bans that there is no path to get a bill to the governor’s desk.


The governor has indicated she will call the special session sometime in late May or early June.

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3 thoughts on “Governor Noem won’t use special session to address transgender participants in sports”

  1. The house and the senate are too far apart? Good grief.

    Was the 2-67 vote in the house a few weeks ago on 1217 an indication of how close the govs office and the house is? Or the senate 31-4 on medical marijuana over her objection an indication how close the govs office and the senate is.

    This train has wrecked. Good luck moving forward. Hope things go well in Houston tonight.

  2. I bet it’s pretty frustrating for culture war goons when the Governor won’t discuss a made up issue that SDHSAA already has clearly delineated rules designed to address. *clutches pearls tightly*

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