20 thoughts on “Great photo of Governor Kristi Noem at the Buffalo Roundup”

  1. The nasty nature of this political season is obviated by simple, straightforward actions taken by large groups of people together.

    The cause of humanity is also advanced by our champions in the ring.

    Be strong Governor Noem – I am hopeful that you’ll accumulate enough power to take-on special interests. Distribute the source of your power to the good individuals from coast-to-coast in SD; we are simple not stupid, contemplative not cowardly, strong not sour, common sense but globally uncommon.

    Giddy up.

  2. The yearly roundup is done to maintain herd health and keep the numbers manageable. Giving people the chance to see and enjoy this is a good thing. And it shouldn’t be made political.

    I have seen the buffalo jump at Vore too, and it bothered me. But it was probably the only way the people of that age could survive. They made use of every part of the buffalo for food, clothing, shelter.

    1. and she’ll say we are still way below the worst case scenarios everyone made preparations for last march, and that the early distancing and other efforts last spring didn’t eliminate the curve, it just lessened the severity quite a lot, and made things actually happen much later than the early flawed modeling indicated. or something like that. which would all be true. none of this is wildly unexpected, and not much of this has anything to do with the sturgis rally or the july 4th event.

    2. Elk, the numbers:
      In SD, the hospitalization rate is 5.6% and the case fatality rate is 1.01%

      Compare to New York, with a case fatality rate of 8.2% or Massachusetts’ case fatality rate of 7.2%.
      Massachusetts has a mask mandate enforced with a $200 fine, according to my family. Too bad their medical care stinks. You don’t want to get sick there. Things seem to be even worse in New York.

      It doesn’t matter how many people catch the virus, what matters is the treatment they receive when they get sick. Our hospitalization rate is lower than other states’ fatality rates. We’re okay here.

    3. Hey Elk why don’t you stop being a pussy and post your real name. Show us your courage. Since you can stay home and collect free money being scared and shit, the rest of us need to be out there working and running businesses. If you want to push the matter I hope to see you in a gun battle. I’m not afraid of you.

  3. Enquirer says: none of this is wildly unexpected,”

    That’s for sure. When you ignore all medical advice and do the opposite, numbers will rise and people will die. You do know that people are actually dying?

    We look like fools. Highest positive Covid numbers as a percentage of the population in the country.

    But you point to some modeling, somewhere, that was not accurate. Or say that the hospitals still have room for more. Whatever excuse you can come up with. You’ll keep justifying this until the situation is dire for all of us.

    As expected.

      1. i mask constantly. covid is dangerous and not yet well enough understood. i just refuse to engage in craven political game playing over the current numbers. noem’s approach was right for this state.

    1. Elk, we do not look like fools: our numbers prove that most people who catch this here are receiving proper treatment as outpatients. This is in spite of the fact that South Dakotans have more risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension and cigarette use:
      Going back to a comparison to New York and Massachusetts, here are the percentages of adults with hypertension:
      SD 30.9%
      NY 29.6%
      MA 28.1%
      adults with diabetes:
      SD 10.6%
      NY 10.5%
      MA 8.4%
      adults with obesity:
      SD 33%
      NY 27.1%
      MA 25.2%
      adults who smoke:
      SD 19%
      NY 12.8%

      This makes the disparity in our Covid-19 hospitalization and case fatality rate even more curious, doesn’t it?
      In fact, Blue States across the country are experiencing higher case fatality rates than Red States.
      This is even harder to explain as we don’t have as many active physicians practicing here. Per 100,000 population, MA has 449.5, NY has 365.1, and SD has 240.4

      Perhaps rural residents had prior exposure to bovine coronavirus and, as cowpox provided protection from smallpox, we have some natural
      immunity here.
      Or just MAYBE, the Blue States are inflating their Covid-19 fatality statistics for political reasons.

  4. All you that complain about no mask mandate. I hope you wear yours all the time to protect others. No law against that. It is called freedom. Also U. K./Israel/Australia hongkong singapore an countless others had hard lockdowns. Jail time was included for rule breaking. Now when restrictions eased. Here comes Covid again. Let’s direct our anger to China An demand answers to what they turned loose. Or are you to busy hiding behind your Chink made mask? One last thing. Leave politics out of these events. We have politicalized enough of our daily lives. Congress its self needs to do its daily job so Americans can do ours. Wear your mask if you wish. Leave those alone that don’t. An vice versa

    1. @ Billy the Kid – “Chink made mask”. Damn Billy, you sound like an angry redneck racist, but I’m sure your proud of that.

    2. I hope Pat just hasn’t seen racist slurs in his comment section and that is why this hasn’t been dealt with. You are a terrible person.

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