Group of legislators call for resolution against COVID mandates on businesses. Let’s hope they keep that in mind.

KELOland was reporting that a group of legislators intend to introduce a resolution during the next legislative session regarding COVID mandates from the federal government:

The group plans to introduce a concurrent resolution urging that any attempt by the Biden Administration to implement mandates on businesses be overturned.

Read that here.

The group will have to wait until January, since the State Constitution bans them from bringing the resolution during either of the special sessions coming up in November.

The South Dakota Constitution is pretty specific on special sessions where it notes that “The petition of request shall state the purposes of the session, and only business encompassed by those purposes may be transacted.”

My hope is that when the legislature meets next year to ban any mandates on businesses from the federal government, that they make special note to also include a ban on COVID mandates on businesses from the state legislature.

(Because it’s come up recently, you know).

4 thoughts on “Group of legislators call for resolution against COVID mandates on businesses. Let’s hope they keep that in mind.”

  1. For republicans who generally support health and safety to come out and openly oppose it will be interesting.

  2. Federal mandates for a non-vaccine vaccine should be fought. The sheep of the Democrat/Socialist/Communist party may do everything the central planners tell them to do, but those who actually love freedom will oppose the dictatorship that is the Biden administration.

  3. The federal government has no business requiring private employers to make their employees get a vaccination. The state government has no business prohibiting private employers from making their employers get a vaccination.

    What part of freedom of employers to determine the terms of employment and employees to chose to reject the terms of employment do they not understand?

  4. Anti-vaxxers are domestic terrorists!! Unscientifically educated legislators with their heavy handed efforts only perpetuate death and long term suffering. When 97% of the highest educated individuals in our country, medical doctors, know the advantages of the COVID vaccine and thus are vaccinated, we’ll follow their lead, not the scientifically undereducated.

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