Heinert responds to Gubernatorial candidate Hubbel calling him “Pocahontas,” and “a Dutchman pretending to be an Indian.”

State Senator Troy Heinert had some choice words for Lora Hubbel under the comment section of the original post where her fairly racist comment against him was noted:

My name is Troy Heinert and I am a proud member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, my enrollment number is 345U37928. My parents are Margo Heinert and the late Harold Heinert.

My mother is Dutch and my father was Lakota and German who lived his entire life on the Rosebud Reservation on the same land that has been passed down through our family since the original allotment act that established Reservations for Lakota’s.

My 87 year old Lakota grandmother still lives on this place and would be ashamed that there are still people in our State that show that kind of ignorance and racism towards her own blood.

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48 thoughts on “Heinert responds to Gubernatorial candidate Hubbel calling him “Pocahontas,” and “a Dutchman pretending to be an Indian.””

    1. What is the world could you possibly think is BS? You’ve partaken in way too much Lora flavored Kool Aid.

    2. Pat, long time reader, maybe 3rd time commenter. Thank you for standing up for the truth. You and I may differ on policy, which is good, we are Americans. This nonsense cannot stand, these petty attacks, which are ignorant, cannot stand. So keep with the blog, and ignore the coward Hubbel and, her only apparent ally Volesky. Make America Reasonable Again. Cheers

      1. Hubbel’s allies will be the Native American people that don’t have a voice. She tells the truth.

          1. ishttps://www.npr.org/2017/08/12/542656215/going-home-series-south-dakota she is not afraid to address….

  1. Troy my Fathers Mother; Grandma Rosa, let her hair down once a week after washing it on Saturday ready for Church every Sunday. As a very little guy back in the 60’s I remember those times. Her hair rolled down to her lower back and she looked 100% Sioux Indian when doing so. Dark skin, dark brown eyes and very dark hair. My grandson Theo has her and my Dads exact profile. My Ancestry dot com genetic profile taken this summer did not show any Native blood but I would have bet the farm and been very proud had it been.
    Trust me when saying those of us who truly reward the measure of the person most important appreciate you without regard for checking any blood DNA.
    My son once asked after Sunday School where all Mom and Dads ancestors came from. After informing him he stated “So that makes me a Mutt Huh!”
    Still laugh every time thinking about it.

    1. I’m afraid that Tapio and Hubbell have a lot common. Lots of insults being hurled around needlessly.

    2. And I’m still a mutt. Darn proud of it though. The type of racial banter displayed by the above mentioned “candidate” is not only shamefull, it’s one of the many reasons our country is as divided as we currently are. Fortunately, anyone reading these posts, other than a select (and obvious) few, realizes this. There are many ways to attack someone politically. The color of ones skin, in any way shape or form, is not one of them.

  2. Just for quantification of “Mutt”; German, Russian, Irish, English, Scottish, French and Russian Gypsie.

          1. Matthew I don’t always say what’s right but I always say what I truly think! LOL
            Merry Christmas friend.

  3. Well Troy can call her “one sick puppy” if he wants to but I think she deserves every negative connotation ever heaped on the word wasicu.

    1. That is very racist comment Anon. She will fight to give the fat of the land back to the Indians.

  4. First and foremost, I would want to know how in the world we ended up with a Democrat as a committee chairman when they have less than one-fourth of the seats. Also, why isn’t he looking out for the native American students ? Why doesn’t he care where the multi-million dollars went? It’s a disgrace that he apparently convinced the other 3 Dems on the committee to vote with him. I can see where Lora is coming from, since Heinert is only one-fourth Indian. I would compare him to Benedict Arnold.

  5. There you go Bumstead. I would bet you he is less than a quarter Indian. What really matters is he threw those Indian kids and the SD taxpayers under the bus.

  6. Mrs. Volesky speaks with the full weight of the Netherlands and the Lakota behind her, for her husband is both a Dutchman and an Indian. He just won’t stand behind her insanerisms, for he is a smarter man than some.

    Why is it if you mention Ms. Hubbel, young and pretty and insaner than most that she is, it results in a 20:1 ratio of posts from Mrs. Volesky?

    Answer me that, some of you smarter fellows out there.

  7. Senator Heinert – What a statement, thanks. If you come more often, you’ll see many of use don’t take Hubbel very seriously;) I personally have an issue with her stand on vaccines. I do support her fight for life and agree that common core sucks. Name-calling, meh, happens a lot and it’s clearly a turn-off.

    I hope you continue to fight for Native rights, like the right to own their land. And, I think it’s crucial you convince “your people” entitlement programs will continue to destroy their self-worth and families. I have also heard the drug cartel has made an appearance on the rez. My brother worked in Pine Ridge and our father encouraged him to carry his pistol for protection. Many, many SDakotans love Natives, even Crow Natives;) In fact, we love them so much, we marry them and have families together, but you probably knew that.

    As I read through your statement, it seems you may be caught up in the identity politics game played by Democrats, be careful. When you say, “I am a proud member of” or “I know her kind”, Leftists will consider you a racist. I don’t, but I’m certainly not allowed to say, “I’m proud to be a white woman”. Also, just because you’re not Native doesn’t discredit your ability to add to the conversation. It really bothers me when feminists say men don’t get to talk about women’s choice to kill their babies. It’s stupid.

    Just a heads up, in today’s environment (politically and socially) you must be aware that your word choice will trigger people and you could easily loose your job. Leftists and as we see here some Republicans will attack at any chance they get.

  8. There is very few times when get up early and do my morning routine where I get an urge to puke but this is one of those times. This is beyond her normal stupidity and insanity but goes into vile, hateful and hurtful.

    By the way, does Mr. Heinert and I having the same first name make us relatives? If so, if in Sioux Falls this weekend, I invite Mr. Heinert to stop in. Food is really good. 🙂

  9. Bruce W. Whalen That’s right. Lora Hubbel and I met about 11 years ago and she and Tim hosted me in their home during campaigning visits East River. It is an honor to be tapped as her running mate. South Dakota would then truly understand the need to protect itself from becoming a Giant Indian Reservation. So far the state has unknowingly avoided joining Domestic Dependents residing at every “Indian” Reservation. Most of you will not know what that means but you must or face losing freedoms in five areas, Social, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual

    1. Seems Mr. Whalen’s statement has been ignored. Identity politics and who is or isn’t a racist will always take precedent. Too bad.

    2. You’re her running mate? Oh Lord, this is great. Why hasn’t this been announced? Why isn’t it at least on her GoDaddy website? I mean, not that it really matters. She’s still a non-issue. Below also ran, really.

          1. I know the convention technically picks the LT GOV, but I would like to know who the candidates have in mind PRIOR TO the primary vote.

            So is it official Hubbel-Whalen?

            Noem: I have heard Larry Rhoden and Steve Westra mentioned

            Jackley: haven’t really heard any names with him…anyone heard anything?

            LaFleaur–kind of like Hubbel, why bother. He and hubbel should both drop out. ZERO chance of even having any impact on the outcome, let alone win.

            If anything they both should run as independents.

  10. Troy, hope your family has a Merry Christmas. Your children can find peace in the knowledge that even over here where we Repubs hang out, you and your family are appreciated, and a crazy that attacks your heritage is just an opportunity to find out how many people affirm their appreciation for you and your family. Hug those kids man, a good South Dakota family that mostly beat us German-Russians and Luxombergers here to the South Dakota we all love

  11. Lora Hubbel
    9 hrs ·
    Pocahontas Defined: Since the Trump campaign “Pocahontas” has come to mean a person who will use the Indian label to con others out of position or money. THAT IS THE REASON I CALLED HEINERT “POCAHONTAS”! So he is offended? What a wuss. Why is no one offended that $62 MILLION is missing which was meant for Indian children? HEINERT VOTED TO STYMIE THE INVESTIGATION. What does he has to hide? IS HE DIPPING IN MONEY MEANT FOR THE UNDERPRIVILEGED? HIS MOTHER is part of Gear Up funds…is he? We won’t know – he voted to look the other way.

    1. This seems like a suggestion that Mr. Heinert or his ma are taking part of the $1,400,000 dollars that the auditors of the legislature said is missing that went to build the gymnasium at the criminal’s house. If there is another $62,600,000 missing and the auditors missed it they should look at the pockets of the Howites and Nelsonoids.

  12. I see there is a young Volesky running for office in District 22, always good to see young people getting involved in the process.

  13. It’s amusing to me that this has upset some of you so much, when you turn a blind eye to Donald Trump’s identical attack on Elizabeth Warren.

    Ya’ll are some world-class hypocrites.

    1. Excuse me, but Heinert is a real Native American, and Elizabeth Warren is not. Not one iota. One of her opponents even sent her a DNA kit to prove her ancestry and she sent it back.

      Warren deserves the derision. Heinert doesn’t.

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