House members claim that Senator Schoenbeck is out to get them in redistricting. Based on their monitoring of the comment section.

So after the story in the Argus today where the State House and Senate are at odds over redistricting, reporter Joe Sneve posted the following on twitter as evidence provided him by House members that State Senator Lee Schoenbeck is out to get them:

What’s that cliche’ about when you assume things?  Because apparently there are House members who are pulling a comment (made by someone commenting as Lee) pretty far out of context.   Because the comment didn’t come in connection with redistricting.

It came under a post where GOP Chair Dan Lederman was taking Citizens for Liberty Lobbyist Tonchi Weaver to task for her column in the Rapid City Journal attacking Governor Kristi Noem:

In a recent column, Citizens for Liberty lobbyist Tonchi Weaver spent a good number of column inches attacking Governor Kristi Noem for allowing people to exercise self-determination. Weaver tried to claim some great conspiracy of the Governor’s when the COVID epidemic first hit when Kristi suggested in an executive order that the sick and elderly take COVID seriously and stay home for three weeks to help flatten the curve of death and severe illness. In that same executive order, Kristi also suggested people wash their hands and eat well-balanced meals.

I feel compelled to tell people that despite Weaver’s alarmist column, no one who failed to wash their hands or who ate an extra dessert when COVID first hit was unjustly persecuted by the state.

Read my post here, and the original column here.

And it was under my coverage of the GOP chair’s column where Senator Schoenbeck wrote the comment.

Given the fact that the lobbyist for Citizens for Liberty was attacking Governor Kristi Noem, and the State GOP Chair was responding.. not to mention the groups’ track history for attacking Republicans.. it wasn’t unlike a number of comments under that post.

But apparently there are some paranoid House members who believe that defending Governor Noem and wanting to be rid of the Citizens for Liberty goofballs is tantamount to trying to take them out. And they’re monitoring the comment section for those they think might be criticizing them?

Not sure what to say to that. (Except that if House members are paying that much attention to my comment section – it’s a great plug for advertising here, because you know you’re getting your message in front of many of our state’s leaders! )

11 thoughts on “House members claim that Senator Schoenbeck is out to get them in redistricting. Based on their monitoring of the comment section.”

    1. Everybody’s trying to get rid of Tonchi and Citizens for Liberty just like they’re trying to get rid of Donald Trump lol. Lee sounds like a Never Trumper. Trump won in 2016 because he blasted the Republican establishment.

    2. Remember that time Schoenbeck got kicked out of caucus? For attacking fellow Republicans? Good times. Seems like he’s the insaner wing of the left wing of the party. It happens to both sides obviously. All over raising the sales tax by a half penny too if memory serves me correctly. Raising taxes conservative?

  1. Practical politically moderate here and welcome Senator Schoenbeck’s efforts to rid the legislature of the extremist nutjobs out of the legislature via redistricting or whatever. He will not get all of them but it’s a start.

  2. What is extreme about Tonchi Weaver? I think most South Dakotans of all parties would agree with her Libertarian principles.

    1. Ms. Weaver is extremely pretty. How come all the pretty ones are insaner than most? Including you, Mrs. Volesky.

  3. Why do the republicans try to deny that they are working their hardest to gerrymander the state districts? I thought this quiet part was said out loud long ago in NC. It isn’t a secret, although, I don’t think it is needed in SD.

    1. I have attended two public meetings to discuss redistricting, at both of them redistricting proposals were explained and discussed. Both meetings were in Sioux Falls

      What is most interesting about these meetings is how few people show up.
      Minnehaha County has about 100,000 people in it and fewer than 100 are showing up.

      If gerrymandering is the objective it is pretty obvious hardly anybody cares, certainly not enough people care to make any difference here.

  4. The Senate proposal starts in a corner of the state and draws districts based on population and common interests (i.e. city vs. rural or trading pattern) without regard to party registration and location of incumbents.

    The House proposal is designed to protect current House incumbents from having to run against each other in primaries.

    Which is gerrymandering by definition? Clearly the latter.

    Personally, my primary concern isn’t one philosophy over the other but I am sick and tired of elected officials spouting off half-truths or blatant lies. The advocates of the House plan are blatantly lying when the call Senate’s plan “gerrymandering” while it is the House plan which is by definition gerrymandering.

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