14 thoughts on “I see Dr. Boz made the Dr. Cain web site…”

  1. Just like everything else, she misleads people to use them. When Cain posted this, he had no idea Bosworth admitted to Medicare problems (fraud), or that she admitted on the stand that she lied to grassroots conservatives in her direct mail solicitations, or that she had been sent to a “Professional Renewal Center” in Kansas (read metal hospital) and diagnosed with Narcissistic and Histrionic problems among other things. Or that she ripped off vendors in FL, or that she and Chad stole $200k from a woman in Utah, or that she smeared a Christian, conservative veteran to blame him for her problems, or that she held fake raffles.

    They know now. Hope Jackley is watching the continuing PR campaign and lack of acceptance of responsibility.

    1. Could you show me the documentations for all your allegations against Dr Bosworth please.

      1. Tara – you are a disgrace. You support Annette Bosworth in: not paying her employees (at least three, maybe more), ripping off small business owners in in FL, over-billing Medicare, subjecting patients to unlicensed “medical workers,” lying about an innocent party for the last year and blaming him for her crimes, scamming raffle participants – anything and everything.

        Get a conscience.

  2. Is that Ryan Gaddy and the grafitti gang behind her?

    So now she is asking her followers to write the judge telling what a good person she is.

    Will the victims of their scams, people owed money also write letters to the judge before sentencing?

    1. Ryan Gaddy circulated petitions for Annette and yet his name appears nowhere on the filed petitions as circulator.

      I guess Annette signed for him too…

  3. Herman Cain is an intelligent and honorable person. I believe he lives in Atlanta. It is not unusual to see some news feeds from halfway across the nation and get a skewed view of how something looks. BTW, can you not agree that this is one of the craziest things you have ever heard of? Boz could have done a plea deal and had a slap on the wrist. She could own up to what she has done and still get a slap on the wrist. Instead she appears ready to fight this all the way to the end. Yeah, this is crazy.

    1. Absolutely. That’s her MO. Find people far, far away and give them 10% of the story and fill in the rest with lies.

      Here’s a fun fact: her Facebook followers are all from Egypt and South Africa. No joke. Ask her to screen shot the analytics page from her Facebook account where it shows the breakdown. Chad bought them all with “boosts” and deliberately didn’t use the feature that allows for narrowing the field to the U.S. That way, they could pretend to have huge support. They do – in Cairo. And Johannesburg. For money.

      Also, it looks like the person who wrote the post for Cain is her paid ghost writer from her never completed book. Ask her about that – she may be paying her ghost writer to trash the prosecution post-verdict. How does that strike the AG’s office in re acceptance of responsibility?

      She would simply be a sad character if she hadn’t engaged in a year long campaign to smear a veteran with a family and a professional license. Any sympathy went out the window with her long, loud, smear campaign against one of the few people who always tried to help her – Joel Arends.

  4. Too late Dr. Cain . You are too easily duped to be our president . Like Obama you would be outclassed by the Iranians .

  5. I didn’t think Shark Week started until July 5th? Looks like there’s already lots of GOP sharks in the water trying to eat each other.

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