Want to ask for money for a campaign? Make it personal.

Candidates – There’s a great article that just came out from Campaigns and Elections that it’s worth taking 5 minutes to read that won’t only benefit you in fundraising, but in campaigning as a whole. It’s about Making Fundraising Personal:

Rarely do they volunteer the information that a contributor wants to know: Can you win and how will you win? Candidates often mask their discomfort with asking for money. They enjoy talking to constituents, going to meetings and being part of events, but put off whenever possible doing fundraising. Fundraising doesn’t have to be a negative experience — and it won’t be, if you make it personal.

Sure, asking for money doesn’t come easy to most people. To ask, you need to be ready to answer the question: Why should I give you money? And responding to the question requires a candidate to talk about his or her qualities. Most people have a difficult time talking about their qualities.

But if a candidate gets comfortable talking about himself or herself, fundraising will be a much easier and more pleasant task. Moreover, once that comfort level is achieved, here are some ways candidates can help grow their fundraising hauls.

Read the entire article here.

4 thoughts on “Want to ask for money for a campaign? Make it personal.”

  1. Americans For Prosperity – “Why should I give you money?”
    Sodak Republican Politicians and Conservative Political Bloggers – “Don’t give us money. Let us earn it. Is there a position you’d like us to promote?”
    … and the rest is just “low hanging fruit”. This isn’t even worth discussing on this site, anymore. Keystone XL, EPA water safety regulations, minority rights, gun safety rules? Koch Bros. will pay along to those who’ll play along. E.O.A (end of argument)

  2. Porter the Koch Bros. shit on everyone who takes a conservative nickle is really getting dull and making liberals look stupider than they actually are.

  3. Pat when I write my first ever letter asking my constituents for contributions you will be a very valuable asset and friend helping me write it.

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