I’m looking forward to all the photo ops Dems will have.

President Obama is planning to do something that Rick Weiland wanted no part of during this past election. Traveling to South Dakota.

President Obama’s visit to Boise, Idaho on Wednesday leaves him just three states in the entire country he hasn’t been to as president: South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah.

Now, Obama lost all these states — big time – as he noted in his speech at Boise State University: “Of course, in the general election, I got whupped. I got whupped twice, in fact. But that’s OK. I’ve got no hard feelings.”

But the president has visited plenty of states where he lost badly. (He only got 28 percent of the vote in Wyoming in 2012. Though, to be fair, he only visited there once in 2009.)

No doubt Obama will want to check all 50 off his bucket list before his presidency ends – though including his travels as a candidate in 2008 he’s already hit them all. Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed as much, saying he wouldn’t call it a “bucket list” … “But I do think the president would like to have the opportunity to visit all 50 states as president of the United States.  So hopefully we’ll be able to get that done in the next two years.”


And his last three remaining states have a good bit to offer. South Dakota has Mount Rushmore and roaming buffalo, South Carolina has charming Charleston and some solid golfing in Hilton Head, and Utah (where Obama had his worst showing in 2012 with only 25 percent of the vote) has the Great Salt Lake and Park City skiing.

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I’m really looking forward to all the photo-ops that the state’s few remaining Democrat officeholders will have to be pictured arm in arm with President Obama.

Especially at election time.

16 thoughts on “I’m looking forward to all the photo ops Dems will have.”

          1. why, is there something else you can suck the humor out of with another intentionally witless question?

    1. I understood the 57-states reference to the 2008 campaign remark. It was a valid cultural reference. Anon Jan 25 5PM did too and was just trying to shut you up so don’t let that bother you.

  1. I think obamas other states are France, Egypt, Libya. Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Venezuela, Iran, Ukraine, and Syria minus SoDak, SoCarolina, and Utah. That makes the Obama “57” states he focused on and messed up. I am so grateful he doesn’t know we are part of the USA.

    1. Really the only funny line in this whole thing is where the President says “I’ve got no hard feelings.” Did a spit take on that one.

  2. Seriously if you plan on coming to South Dakota President Obama show us what you’ve got and do it on a Harley during the Sturgis Rally!!!

    1. Obama riding a motorcycle?

      1. Not possible–his mom jeans are big in the wrong places for him to ride a motorcycle
      2. Being able to ride a Harley requires some coordination–Obama is about as coordinated as Foster Brooks
      3. Barry is not permitted by Moochelle to ride a motorcycle.

  3. Who cares if Obama wants to make sure he visits all 50 or so states during his tenure as king. Most South Dakotans by this time understand him and could care less if he skips SD. After all, he wouldn’t get much doing a fundraiser in this state so why come!

    1. Actually, I could NOT care less if he visited SD.

      A SD fundraiser? I’m sure BHO could raise $20 from the likes of Heideberger and Krazy Larry Kurtz (if Larrys not been served any warrants by then). Of course, they’d spend about $200 in BHO’s drinks, but hey…

      Good riddance BHO.

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