Is SD Canvassing Group being put in charge of Minnehaha County’s Elections by Auditor Leah Anderson?

Had an interesting rumor from the field today from a tipster:

Minnehaha County Auditor Anderson has hired Mike Mathis (with SD Canvassing Group) as her new Elections Coordinator. She secured Mike a starting pay two pay classes higher than election previous coordinators. 

We’ll be able to confirm this pretty quickly as soon as it rolls through the County Commission so we can compare what the new coordinator is making in comparison to the old one. But the part that’s far more concerning is where Minnehaha County Auditor Leah Anderson is said to be using to tap for her talent.

Mathis (Pictured to the left) was active in the SD Canvassing group, where in the linked clip he was claiming that he has “no confidence” in the elections.

If you’re not familiar with the SD Canvassing Group, it’s hard to deny that they’re a bit …on the fringe with their election beliefs:

Early into our research, we realized the Federal Election Laws like the NVRA and HAVA weren’t for the good of the States, or the integrity of the vote. Neither was the Patriot Act. Federal interference comes with Federal funds, which come with strings attached. Then, pick your favorite three letter agency and how they meddle in United States (s)elections. You may or may not know that the US perfected the election steal on other countries before using it on us.


South Dakota has lost control of it’s elections. It’s death by 1,000 cuts. 

Read that on one of SD Canvassing’s websites.

And it’s not as if Anderson has distanced herself from the elections conspiracists.

Better saddle up for the ride, I’m sure we will hear more about it very shortly.

25 thoughts on “Is SD Canvassing Group being put in charge of Minnehaha County’s Elections by Auditor Leah Anderson?”

  1. He says: “South Dakota has lost control of its elections. It’s death by 1,000 cuts.”

    OK. There you have it!

    But… evidence. Where is the evidence of this? Have results been successfully challenged in court? How many times? Who was unjustly declared a winner?

    Really now – you folks have got to stop voting for these loons.

  2. Recent election results provide evidence of large scale election fraud in Minnehaha County. Several Democrats were fraudulently elected within the City of Sioux Falls to the Legislature. Several very worthy, Constitutional Republicans were defeated in both the General and Primary on the Republican ballot. What other evidence is needed before profound actions are taken??

    1. sure. Last November, Minnehaha County had a total of 130,827 registered voters, and 54,964 of them were Republicans. 42% of the registered voters are Republicans!

      How could any Republican candidates have lost? It’s totally beyond comprehension! Obviously massive fraud occurred, and it must be investigated.

      Let’s start with the precinct committee men and women whose job it was to get out the vote. They didn’t do the job they signed up for, and it shows.
      Of course we knew that when we compared the way they turned out for Steve Haugaard at the convention. 69% of Minnehaha County’s delegate votes supported Haugaard for LG vs the 29% of the primary voters who supported him for Governor.
      It could hardly be expected that those same precinct committee men and women would do their job and get out the vote for Noem and Rhoden.
      That’s where the fraud occurred, in the election of precinct committee men and women who had no intention of doing the job they promised to do.

      1. You have it backwards, in June 2022, they, the voters supported Rhoden over Noem for Governor, however, the newly elected county and precinct committee persons supported splitting up the S.D Executive Mansion by replacing Rhoden with Haugard in order to control Kristi Noem. You are mistakenly misrepresenting what the plan was.

        29% of the Republican Voters in Minnehaha County were upset at how Kristi Noem was handling the State Government, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic, so they voted against her, attempting to remove her from the Executive Mansion. At the same time, they were continuing to grab power within the County, to elect county and precinct people supported the America First Policies, the 14 Articles of Freedom, thus preparing to go to war with the Establishment at the Convention. With the new Precinct Committees in place, they now lead the effort to break up the Noem-Rhoden Executive Mansion, while placing a America First Candidate on the ticket, in Steve Haugaard. The Precinct Committees did the job they promised to do.

        The plan all along, as it has been since 2010, has been to replace all the Neocon, Left Leaning People of the party, with a continued effort to install America First People.

        You are seeing this fight within the S.D Legislature today, between the Neocon membership vs the America First Freedom Movement membership.

        That is a better assessment of what occurred in Minnehaha County in 2022.

        1. The only fraud occurred in the primary, with the election of precinct committee men and women who misrepresented themselves and had no intention of doing the job they promised to do.
          The job they promised to do was to get out the vote for the Republican ticket, even if the people on that ticket were not the same ones they supported in the primary. Their job description, as written in the bylaws, is very simple: they were responsible for conducting the political campaigns in their precinct, for all voter contact. They were not supposed to be sabotaging the ticket.
          They were the lying politicians they complain about.

    2. Terry, I wrote to our rep and senators about election fraud, the rep didn’t respond and only one of the two senators responded and assured me that our elections in South Dakota are totally legitimate. So two out of three were respectful enough not to bother me with lies while the other thinks we’ll listen to him no questions asked like most politicians would have. That’s why we’ll have more 2020’s if it’s up to them.

  3. In 2007, and by 2010, Americans began rising up against this neocon movement, they first led the effort shortly after the Patriot Act of 2004, and by the Affordable Care Act being adopted in 2010, the Tea Party Movement led the effort to replace many of these so called leftist idealistic persons in Washington D.C, with a steady means of installing “Patriots” into the U.S Senate, the U.S House, and placing their Electors for President, leading to placing their man in the Executive Mansion. Utilizing the Precinct Strategy, to push for, and install America First Candidates in positions of power in the County and Precinct Committee Chairs, which forces many of the State Legislatures, County Commissions, and City Councils in all of the 50 States today to implement their policies, of which out of this movement, came the Presidency of Donald Trump, of which became the symbol around the world, that America was changing from within. Do not believe this, check out the words of President Trump’s Inaugural Address in 2017:

    “Today s ceremony, however, has very special meaning, because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people.” Trump said in January 2017, and by January 2021, “We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

    We are involved in a Revolutionary Period just as we saw between the years 1763 and 1783 For, we are attempting to Grab back control from the International Bankers of whom have hijacked and stole the control of the central government from the American People more than 100 Years Ago.

    1. And then he lost to a senile old man because he was such a terrible president. His only loyalty is to himself and you are too snowed to see it. Did he take those classified docs “for the people,” genius?

      1. The real plan is to expose the fraud, the corruption, the foreign actors who are currently operating the federal government. the plan is on schedule.

        1. Wow, what a terrificly non-responsive answer. Stop dodging the question: Did Trump take, and fight against returning, classified docs “for the people?” You’re just as full of it as he is.

          1. You want a response? You and yours, you know the ones who have no respect for the truth and think the rule of justice only applies to them are the reason our country is in the shape it’s in. Your kind are stunted enough to believe Biden got more votes than anyone in our history campaigning from his basement simply because your communist leadership and their puppet media tells you so. If you spent more time investigating and less time trying to show your ignorance, you might understand the reason Biden campaigned from his basement. He couldn’t be trusted not to make a complete fool of himself so the powers that be locked him away until they no longer had a choice.
            As far as Trump having documents, which by the way he had the power to declassify, yes, he probably did, and it was his right as president. When all’s said and done, Trump can’t be prosecuted, which has already been ruled on by a federal judge. Look up Nixon vs Fitzgerald 1984 and you’ll find out just what your communist leaders obviously don’t know.

            1. Justice Powell’s majority opinion went out of its way to stress not only that it was limited to whether a President could be held liable for civil damages; even the “absolute immunity” it embraced has a narrower ambit than is commonly understood. The absolute immunity recognized in Fitzgerald extends only to suits for damages arising out of acts undertaken by the President within the “outer perimeter” of his official duties. By that yardstick, the argument that Fitzgerald bars the latest indictment against Trump is doubly unpersuasive.

              In other words, you’re dumb and dont understand precedent. Next.

  4. Leah Anderson and Mike Mathis are incredible patriots standing up for transparency, honesty, integrity and allowing truth to all of the people of South Dakota!

    Thank you for being willing to sacrifice your time, energy and knowledge for South Dakota!

    God Bless!

  5. Where’s the proof that Ms. Anderson or Mr. Mathis are these horrible monsters? Can’t they be innocent until proven guilty? Odd, they are terrible people according to some yet no proof of anything!

    1. Innocent until proven guilty? Conflating a court of law with a website makes me think Barb’s Namenda supply is low.

  6. Why can’t an auditor hire anyone she wants? Look how the state works, they all hire new people and give raises, where in lies the problem? Some can do it and others can’t? Hypocrisy!!

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