Johnson Votes to Impeach Mayorkas

Johnson Votes to Impeach Mayorkas

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.) voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his handling of the southern border.

“The southern border is an abject disaster,” said Johnson. “His willful and systemic refusal to comply with laws set by Congress has created a safety and security crisis around America. Mayorkas has failed to uphold his oath of office and should be removed.”

Click here or the image above to view remarks from Johnson about his vote to impeach Secretary Mayorkas


  • Since January 2021, there have been over 8.3 million illegal crossings nationwide. More than 7 million of these are from the southern border.
  • The Biden Administration has taken over 60 actions to undermine border security.
  • Johnson is a strong proponent of border security measures. He has:
    • Voted 72 times for stronger border policies
    • Voted 21 times to increase resources to DHS, CBP, and ICE
    • Voted 9 times to protest harmful border policies while Nancy Pelosi was Speaker
    • Voted 8 times to hold the Biden administration accountable for border failures
    • Voted 7 times to halt the flow of illegal drugs across the border


8 thoughts on “Johnson Votes to Impeach Mayorkas”

  1. Hon. Congressman Johnson, you seem to be pretty busy working on dog and pony show routines, but where will you stand when it comes to military aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel?

        1. There’s still the option of a cloture vote. Just need 218 Representatives to sign on to it, so moderate Republicans and democrats could force it down the speakers throat. Granted it hasnt happened since 2015, but then again we are living in a clown show.

  2. He doesn’t want to get any of the Trump callout publicity so he gets in line on this pointless vote. Trump ordered this impeachment to discredit the process and make it appear that impeachment is all about politics. The difference is Trump actually broke the laws, if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be going to SCOTUS asking for immunity from all laws.

    I’ll be glad with the Trump era is over, this is just a last ditch effort of the toxic boomer generation to hold on to some type of power. Sorry, Boomers, you spent all your time insulting the generation below you and forgot they would some day grow up, you reap what you sow. Off to the the old folks home with you!

  3. “High crimes and misdemeanors….”

    I see DCs race to the bottom continues unabated. Way to give up on being one of the adults in the room, Dusty.

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