Judge rejects Joel Koskan plea agreement in case of sexual child abuse accusations

Breaking from Austin Goss at Dakota News Now..

The Judge has rejected the plea agreement between Joel Koskan and the state in the case of sexual child abuse accusations involving Koskan and a person having been previously identified as an adoptive daughter.

If you recall, information on the plea agreement had outraged South Dakotans in it’s leniency.. however, the plea agreement prevented the victim from having to go to court to further testify.

We will see where it all goes now.

41 thoughts on “Judge rejects Joel Koskan plea agreement in case of sexual child abuse accusations”

  1. I love hearing from Joel’s defenders, the ones that are so concerned about kids taking hormonal therapy for gender changes, because they care so much for the kids. This kid doesn’t matter though, there are legal loopholes that can justify his relationship, with HIS daughter…..

    1. According to the prosecutors, Joel’s adult daughter supported the plea agreement and just wanted her dad to get the help he needed. No one here is trying to justify the adultery or saying Joel’s daughter doesn’t matter, but she isn’t a “kid,” and if Tony “cares so much” for her, he should stop exploiting her tragedy to score cheap partisan political points for the left.

      1. Correct, his daughter us like 16, and if she does not want to put het dad in jail let alone push charges it is her right. It’s a family matter at this point abd the Government needs to stay out of it. The family had clearly told the State to back off and leave them alone. At that point, the State had no power. I would imagine sone lefty Democrat and Republicans are simply pushing forward here to make it political. And that is wrong.

        1. If Joel committed a crime and the statute of limitations hasn’t expired, then the state doesn’t need his daughter’s permission to prosecute, but I’m pretty sure she’s 20 years old.

        2. LOL, this guy… “The Man”

          “And I stood dere’, and looked that lawman straight in the eye and said BACK OFF, dis’ is my family’s business”

          Dude, you realize you are talking about him molesting his adopted daughter for years… In what world of insanity do you live in?

          1. ‘family matter’. The first time he molested her, it was beyond family matters. The judge got this one right. Hopefully now that Jackley is at the AG’s office, they figure out that this was a horrible plea agreement. What were they thinking? Uhh… no prison and no sex offender registry? Dumb.

      2. Literally no one appears to be supporting or defending Joel’s actions, including Joel.

      3. She isn’t a kid? Do you mean now? How old was she when Joel began diddling her? Because she is over 18 now the incest is OK?

        You better check your values system, it apears to be severely warped.

        1. No, Nick. Adultery is worse than incest, and this eventually became both, and you’re replying to a comment that explicitly says no one here is trying to justify it. Your dishonesty suggests your values system is severely warped.

          1. “Adultery is worse than incest”

            Tell us you’re a hillbilly without telling us you’re hillbilly.

          2. Holy WTF. Diddling kids is better than stepping outside of a marriage for some action? What in the fresh hell is wrong with you?

            1. A minor can commit adultery with a married person, and incest can be between closely related adults. Neither term is age-specific.

              1. A minor cannot give consent, that’s why statutory rape is a thing. If they cannot give consent, they are not the one committing anything. Quit trying to make excuses for perverts and criminals

            2. To Anonymous at 8:12 and Nick Nemec:

              I’m not trying to make excuses. If Joel’s daughter was the victim of statutory rape, then every attorney involved with the original plea agreement should be disbarred.

  2. Wait a second, 900fps seems like a .45 or .38, and who is getting those for 20 cents a round anymore?

  3. Joel Koskan was at least from my perspective one of the most transphobic persons and especially candidates I had ever encountered. He seemed very mean spirited in my social media interactions. It was not surprising to read when these allegations were made against him. It is not uncommon for the the most anti-LGBTQ/anti-trans activists, candidates, elected officials to be caught doing something that contradicted what they publicly opposed.

  4. Joel is just a vile and disgusting person who should be locked away for the safety of ALL South Dakota children.

    1. LOL, this guy. He wanted to plead guilty, the judge called bullshit on him with the lesser charges. What more do you need to know?

    1. Pat,

      Please go back to posting about “boobgate” and “lactation”! At least there was some humor in that.

      P.S. Unless you were the unfortunate legislative employee!

  5. I didnt think the comment section here could go any lower, but now we have someone arguing child molestation is a family affair. Some absolutely broken people here.

  6. All the crazy s*** aside (some of these comments are truly incredible)… this creep abused a minor over an extended period of time. If this new development is inconvenient for him, tell someone who cares.

  7. When determining the severity of a crime one has decided if anyone wad harmed based on natural law, rob. Rape, or murder. When it comes t9 our offspring, one has to determine wad a crim committed vs kids 12 years or younger, (pedofilia) or was the violation bs young adults ages 13 to 19. The Bible speaks on the fact a person becomes an adult during the point that puberty begins, age 12 for females, age 13 for makes. If we are a Judea-Christian country than scripture is relevant and our laws must line up. So I would ask, where the crime or violation begin. And at what point did a person committed a crime against nature (rob, rape, murder). Let’s ensure the constitution is adhered to. And let’s not become tyrannical.

    1. The Bible doesn’t speak on the “fact” that a person becomes an adult when puberty begins. The biblical census was from 20 years old and upward.

      1. I’d appreciate it if anyone could point me to persuasive evidence, as opposed to unsupported hearsay, indicating that Joel’s daughter was the victim of statutory rape.

  8. Obviously, the issue is: Is Mr. Koskan’s judgement so impaired and his behavior so dangerous that society must be protected from his impulses and criminality. I believe the answer is yes. Unequivocally yes.

    1. In America we haven’t traditionally deprived people of liberty based on personal opinions about hypothetical crimes they might commit in the future. The main issue should be the law, not what you “unequivocally” believe.

    1. He wanted no trial, and to plead guilty – on his terms. Pretty open/close case I think. If he was truly innocent, there would have been no deal made.

      1. People accused of crimes they didn’t commit enter into plea agreements all the time, and sometimes prosecutors intentionally threaten defendants with trumped up charges in order to coerce them into plea agreements.

        1. Yeah, that is why he worked our a plea deal before any charges were filed. The dude was angling for a sweet-heart deal, and it failed.

  9. I know Joel. I know many people he knows. Everyone is appalled and shocked. Yet nobody is completely surprised at the same time. He’s a careless, entitled, and selfish brat of an adult. Nobody who knows him well will be surprised if [redacted], unfortunately. Most are very surprised that this all hasn’t just been swept under the rug given the family name, thank heavens. May the wheels of justice get this right. This is a great sign and first step of that happening.

    That redacted statement goes a little too far past personal opinion into accusations -pp]

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