“Liz Marty May for US Congress” campaign confirmed. Facebook site is active and under construction.

Well, look what I just found out on the Internet. The “Liz Marty May for US Congress” campaign is confirmed and appears to be very much active.

Liz May’s Congressional campaign is confirmed via a Facebook page that appears very much “under construction” complete with logo, and scenes from a “video photo shoot” showing her on a fence and a horse.

It’s interesting that Liz May is using “Liz Marty May” as her name in her official campaign logo, much like former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin did after she was married. But that came after Sandlin had first established her branding as a Congresswoman while single.

I would note that as some campaigns often make the mistake, she does obfuscate her last name by turning part of the “A” in her last name into a cow graphic. As a candidate, you’re after readability, not simply being fancy. But, I’m sure she’ll figure that out at some point.

So. looks like things are off and running.  Spurs and all.

23 Replies to ““Liz Marty May for US Congress” campaign confirmed. Facebook site is active and under construction.”

  1. Mike

    Probably more conservative than what we got now. I think the guy we got now has voted for every budget so far that was higher than the previous. Really no difference in republicans and democrats except for a few like Rand Paul.

          1. Mike

            Noem conservative?? Not once have i heard her say she was going to cut taxes or the size of government. I guess conservative to some means adding govt employees and spending more money.

    1. Jeff Lassle

      What I had seen in South Dakota was the Democrat candidates were more Republican than the Republican candidates who appear to have gone off the right hand scale toward the white supremacist sector of politics.

      1. No Thank you Ds

        Jeff – Folks like you who keep “trotting” out White Supremacists are just plumb dumb and like using buzz words from CNN to try to make Conservatives out to be a bunch of Red Neck hillbillies who are ready with a Noose to lynch any minority. Let me break it down for you simply, we want a level playing field, we want minimal government and lower taxes. We, unfortunately, get saddled with 2 choices all the time, Democrats (yuck) or RINOs, both are frequently unpalatable. If we can’t primary the RINO we vote for them over a D because the Democrats have gone so freaking far-Left they are insane. Let’s evaluate their platform
        – Identity Politics
        – Socialism
        – Climate Change
        – Universal Healthcare
        – Open Borders
        – Trump Bad

        My whole family was blue-collar Democrats for years and you would be chased out now if you voted Democrat. During Christmas every year we routinely tell all the single people, not to date or bring and Democrats to family gatherings. 30 years ago, no problem but now this party is Anti – American and the fact that all candidates for president all raised their hands for Healthcare for illegals says it all. So Jeff I think most of us are passing on anything with a D in front of it, even if that means we get a shitty Repulican.

      2. enquirer

        that’s the national theme this year “we democrats are the new republican party now that they’re all nazis” lol wow even a.o.c. is on board. good luck!

  2. Anonymous

    She won’t break 10 percent. Probably 5.

    How does a person who can’t even beat a Dem in their home district all of a sudden think she will become likable by a majority of Republicans statewide?

    1. Christian Skunk

      I think that had a lot to do with who was running on democratic side because Oglala Lakota County has a lot of dems

  3. Anonymous

    Liz must have a lot of extra money and a whole lot of free time to waste. She couldn’t even win where everyone knows her.

  4. Anonymous

    Didn’t her brother sell his ranch for $20 million? I’m pretty sure they can self fund.

    Talk about wasting money.

  5. Jack

    All the negative commenters should remember or learn, without a warm body in opposition, there are few questions to answer. Those carrying more brains than heat appear to be hard to find.