14 thoughts on “Looks like this weeks’ new Republican party newsletter is out”

  1. Love this. Most of us regular folk didn’t even know you produced the newsletter. Always well done, and I’m sure far less expensive than hiring some inexperienced staffer to try to produce it.

    The party as we know it is gone. It’s now a place for the far right whack-a-doos to pat each other on the back, promote their conspiracy theories, and support anyone perceived as anti-establishment. It will never be the same, and frankly, probably doesn’t need to be the same as it used to be. The party used to be important to promote candidates and facilitate communication. Today, it’s much easier to communicate electronically than it was say 20 years ago. Candidates already raise their own funds, and independent PAC’s fill a role that the party may have once played. In the future, it will be important for other groups to recruit candidates — Sioux Falls has an alternative Republican group for example. Chambers and local lawyer groups need to do a better job at finding candidates. We can no longer rely on a weak central party — a party who continues to attract the loonies, and in turn, detract the normal pro-business and common sense South Dakotan from showing up to their events. Which is why we also probably need a ballot initiative to place the AG and SOS races on the primary ballot instead of chosen at the convention. I think the convention has proven that they can’t be trusted to choose these two important offices.

    1. Thanks for your nice comments. Most of the print communications over the past 8 years from the GOP were me (except for fundraising packages), and there were many others for a lot of years before that, including newsletters, tabloids, slate mailers, party GOTV pieces, etc. I also handled quite a few of the ad sales whenever the party did those convention tabloids as well.

      A lot cheaper for the party than having a full-time staffer, and I always enjoyed doing it for the cause.

  2. It’s unfortunate powers that you haven’t taken time to reflect on why nearly all of the central committee (not just the crazy ones) voted to get rid of you. It was 95/5.. Self reflection when something like this happens is a good things to do.

    1. The central committee members could also stand for some self-reflection. I don’t blame them for not wanting to though. Pretty scary reflection looking back at many of them.

    2. I notice that all the anonymous negative is coming from proxy servers.. Aside from the fact that it was not a roll call vote of “95/5” and was a voice vote where one group out-shouted another. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own made-up facts.

      As I’ve said on more than one occasion, I’ve been on the outs with the party before. It’s NBD, and great for humorous material and clicks. Otherwise, I care about getting candidates elected. If an organization is not useful, they’re simply an obstacle to go around.

      1. There was a time not long ago where guys like PP and Schoenbeck were the voice of the conservatives in our party. Now they are maybe two of the only people around willing to call out the crazies who have taken over many of the local parties and fill several legislative seats.

        1. I think we’re a shrinking number who care about winning elections, and understand that 95% of the people with an “R” behind their name vote for community-minded leaders, and not people who slap a conservative label on themselves and parade around declaring that the national guard needs to be called out for jet trails. (It’s like a Lora Hubbel nightmare has come to life.)

          1. This type of comment (SoDakCampaigns 10:38 am) is a good example of why I’m interested to learn more about how open primaries would work. I’ve watched the process for a number of years. It seems like the crazies on either side are the ones most likely to vote in closed primaries. As a result, we end up with crazies as our elected representatives. Wouldn’t having open primaries result in more community-minded leaders getting elected? I’m truly looking for a good, honest discussion on the topic.

          2. Actually the weather manipulation thing is hilarious. Its an outfit called Make Sunsets which is raising money selling “cooling credits.”
            These guys grill up fungicide on a barbecue grill and somehow get sulfur dioxide out of it and get it into weather balloons with helium and send them skyward.
            They have an address in Box Elder, near Ellsworth. They have made spurious claims of having permission from the FAA for this.
            So far they have reportedly made over $1,000,000 selling “cooling credits.”

            For $10 you can buy a “cooling credit” for your menopausal Valentine.

    3. my opinion is that the CC members wanted to throw them a bone after telling them where they could put their useless resolutions.

  3. you can still publish it, and sell advertising on it

    Summit Carbon Solutions will likely be happy to purchase some ad space, as will candidates.

    It will have the appearance that the SDGOP has endorsed those advertisers, and the people who didn’t want SDGOP money paying for it can suck it up

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