Boy, there’s going to be a couple of people mad over this one..

Uh oh! There’s going to be a couple of people mad over this one.

Despite the best efforts of a few members of the SDGOP central committee to try to excommunicate me, I just got an invite in the mail for a cooler group.. to join the SDGOP’s Chairman’s Circle!

Let them try to kick this petulant blogger out of the Chairman’s Circle once I’ve paid my $35!

State Senate Report – JFM and TP skunked again in legislative efforts

As we hit crossover day, a look at a couple of our favorite state senators highlights that the legislation they brought this year took a beating. As usual.

Senator Julie Frye-Awful.. Frye-Mueller brought 5 bills, and three resolutions. The results?

SB100 – Killed in Committee, SB101 – Killed in Committee, SB122 – Killed in Committee, SB183 – Withdrawn (Killed by her own hand), SB184 – Killed in Committee, SJR505 – Killed in Committee, SJR506 – Killed in Committee, and SJR511 – Killed in Committee. Not ONE of the measures she was prime sponsor for made it to the Senate Floor.

Eight bills, eight kills.  Not a single measure made it to the Senate floor for debate. Even with all that extra time on her hands to convince colleagues, since she isn’t on a committee or allowed in caucus.

And JFM’s deskmate, Senator Tom Pischke, also brought 5 bills and 3 resolutions. The results?

SB174 – Killed in Committee, SB176 – Killed in Committee, SB213 – Killed in Committee, SB214 – died on the Senate Floor,  SB215 – Killed in Committee, SJR503 Withdrawn – (Killed by his own hand), SJR508- Killed in Committee, SJR509- Killed in Committee.

Again, eight bills, eight kills as the Senator from Dell Rapids was able to bring nothing to the table but tinfoil hat ideas. And null results.

Interestingly, both have announced candidates in primary elections this year should they choose to run again.

But if the incumbents decline to run.. it might be nice for their districts to think about a change of pace.

I’m glad that was cleared up. Nelson on Kloucek: “I answer to him”

You might have been wondering what former legislator Frank Kloucek was doing at the Tribal Relations committee meeting in Vermillion this week.  (It possibly might have been to give someone their marching orders.)


Stace answers to Frank Kloucek? That might explain a few things…