State Senate Report – JFM and TP skunked again in legislative efforts

As we hit crossover day, a look at a couple of our favorite state senators highlights that the legislation they brought this year took a beating. As usual.

Senator Julie Frye-Awful.. Frye-Mueller brought 5 bills, and three resolutions. The results?

SB100 – Killed in Committee, SB101 – Killed in Committee, SB122 – Killed in Committee, SB183 – Withdrawn (Killed by her own hand), SB184 – Killed in Committee, SJR505 – Killed in Committee, SJR506 – Killed in Committee, and SJR511 – Killed in Committee. Not ONE of the measures she was prime sponsor for made it to the Senate Floor.

Eight bills, eight kills.  Not a single measure made it to the Senate floor for debate. Even with all that extra time on her hands to convince colleagues, since she isn’t on a committee or allowed in caucus.

And JFM’s deskmate, Senator Tom Pischke, also brought 5 bills and 3 resolutions. The results?

SB174 – Killed in Committee, SB176 – Killed in Committee, SB213 – Killed in Committee, SB214 – died on the Senate Floor,  SB215 – Killed in Committee, SJR503 Withdrawn – (Killed by his own hand), SJR508- Killed in Committee, SJR509- Killed in Committee.

Again, eight bills, eight kills as the Senator from Dell Rapids was able to bring nothing to the table but tinfoil hat ideas. And null results.

Interestingly, both have announced candidates in primary elections this year should they choose to run again.

But if the incumbents decline to run.. it might be nice for their districts to think about a change of pace.

9 thoughts on “State Senate Report – JFM and TP skunked again in legislative efforts”

  1. I had failed to take note sooner so just discovered that the Chemtrail Bill failed to garner even a single affirmative vote in the distinguished Senate Ag Comm.

  2. What a fine accomplishment! By my account, JFM is now sitting at a 5% pass rate on all of her prime sponsored bills over the last 8 years she’s been in the legislature. I consider a pass rating a better indicator than anything else, unless you’re one of the appropriators (who have little time to prime sponsor bills). All in all, another reason for JFM to hang it up and move on. This can also be said about her seatmate as well as all of the loons in the FreeDumb Caucus. Don’t believe me, check each one’s record of accomplishment or lack thereof. Don’t be sucked in by the slanted “scorecards” you’ll see after session from their best buddies at the CFL and other ultra right wing wackadoodles organizations. Republicans need to clean house.

  3. I enjoy Julie and her yearly bill about how signing a school handbook will somehow allow the schools to do a sex change operation on your kids. We all know the healthcare industry is so eager to give away free services (lol).

    On one hand I make fun of JFM, but on the other I realize how many other laws were passed this year that were based on some “what if” scenario or Facebook meme video, and it is kind of cringe. Don’t worry though, our property taxes for the land on top of the next pipeline can cover all these new “laws” that are so needed by the inner party in Pierre.

  4. Somehow these people have constituents in their district fooled into thinking they represent them well. What mental illness does one have to have to look constituents in the eye and tell them they are doing a ” good job” for them. Freedom fighting or not they cant accomplish anything. I think its time to go home and concentrate on family and other things in life or find something else they are good at.

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