Stace Nelson on Belfrage this AM, his claims against Rep. Schoenfish starting to fall apart.

State Senator Stace Nelson, who is apparently spending his summer trying to get as much media attention as he can, appeared on the Greg Belfrage show this morning talking about one of his favorite subjects: Himself.

That is, he was given 20 minutes to talk about how everyone else is corrupt, “people” are trying to cover things up, everyone in Pierre is in on it, and ramble on how they’re all stonewalling his efforts.

As he was claiming “a coverup is afoot” he did mention something that caught my attention from the e-mails I was furnished earlier this week.  As he was talking about himself, he spoke how earlier this year, he “put out a list of ten questions that people in my district had of Representative Kyle Schoenfish,” who Stace claims is one of the auditors that worked on Mid-Central.

A couple of problems with this claim.

First, when Stace is talking about a list of questions that “people in his District had,” as typical of Stace, that’s a obfuscation. It isn’t a list that of questions that people had. It’s a list of ten questions that one person came up with, and sent to Stace with his command to ask the questions of Schoenfish:

Just so you can read it a little better, I’ve blown up the mail header for the e-mail of questions…

As I was noting his inexplicable inclusion in a mass e-mail from Nelson earlier this week, Stace Nelson’s witch hunt against Representative Kyle Schoenfish appears to be directly at the request of former Democrat Legislator Frank Kloucek.

The other prolem with what Nelson is shoveling, as recognized by the GOAC committee, is that despite Nelson’s marching orders from Kloucek, there’s one little problem with Nelson trying to carry out his mandate.  By all indications, Kyle Schoenfish has nothing to do with the audit.

In fact, when appearing in the media over the past several months, Nelson may have flat out lied when he claimed that Schoenfish was conducting the audits under the supervision of his father, or that he was “one of”‘ the auditors working on the mid-central audit.

Except for Nelson continuously making the claim, and trying to question him at Kloucek’s behest, there’s yet to be any evidence presented to show that Kyle was specifically involved in the audit.

Which makes Nelson’s e-mail tantrum the other day even more understandable.

Because if people start realizing that Nelson’s pressing the attack against Kyle Schoenfish is little more than Stace (at Franks Kloucek’s request) attacking a political rival – they’re going to start to wonder how many of his other wild-eyed claims wither in the light.

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  1. Anonymous

    That crafty Nelson! He orchestrated the whole gear up fraud starting in 2005 just so he could out it!

    You’re not denying the obvious, that the attorney general is prosecuting some of the people involved in this corruption, and your not attacking those state officials responsible? But your attacking Senator Nelson for pointing out the obvious?

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I’m pointing out he’s using it as an excuse to attack a political rival.

  2. anon1

    The amazing thing is that there are still people who number one, believe what Stace says, and number two, still support him!! They are obviously a bit slower than he is.

      1. Commonsense

        What is your definition of lying? I would hope she is actually. If a person truly believes this is all some grand conspiracy without any shred of credible evidence, I feel sorry for that person. The completely outrageous untruths substancing this “conspiracy” are all a way for others to gain power through demoralization, libel/slander and fallibility. To actually say some of the things about our elected officials, state government and basically any human being in the manner that these believers have, it totally unacceptable. Anyone with actual character, mental fortitude and an even a shred of moral fiber would NEVER talk about another human in the way it has been done. It’s truly sad.

  3. grudznick

    It is very entertaining indeed that the two least effective legislatures in the last 83 years have teamed up to provide this show. Grab some kuchen and a blue bohemian and sit back for more fun!

  4. grudznick

    Mr. Nelson might start illegally robocalling people about the Kloucekian Syndrome very soon now. Mr. Nelson is the corruptest in the legislatures.

  5. Anon

    I listened to the podcast. It seems one of the things he’s really mad about is the software that was donated by Microsoft but the school districts billed the DOE for the value of it so that they could be reimbursed for the money they never spent? And now the DOE wants the money back. Well, duh!

  6. Anonymous

    I love it! South Dakotaville at its very best. Bone Head Frank coaches Bullet Head Stace to go after RINO Schoenfish, who was Bone Head’s protege back when RINO was sporting Obama bumper stickers on his short. District 19 bizzaro-world, where hot air will cost you. At least the Bon Homme County Commission remains under adult leadership.

    1. Michael Wyland

      Schoenfish didn’t have a state contract – its contract was with Mid-Central Educational Cooperative. Mid-Central is an educational cooperative of local school districts, not a state agency. Mid-Central’s reason for existence and primary responsibilities had little or nothing to do with SD GEAR UP. Also, the state contributed no funds to GEAR UP – the funds were supposed to be half federal and half local (the feds provide cash and the local match are almost entirely in-kind).

      1. Charlie Hoffman

        Mr. Wyland thank you for always bringing excellent clarity to murky situations. I have never met you but love your intellect.

        Spelling “supposed” correctly; although small with many, a big win with me too!

  7. Steve Sibson

    Pat, you forgot the point Senator Nelson made about individuals who got high payments for a program that showed little results. But that you detract from the spin that Gear Up was not corrupt, this is only about attacking political opponents.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Steve, I didn’t say that. I’m only saying that for some reason Stace is using the occasion to attack his political opponents.

      1. Anonymous

        We are only saying that for some reason Pat is using the occasion to attack his political opponent, a conservative Republican, instead of those involved in a scandal that ruins the GOP’s reputation.

        1. Pat Powers Post author

          We, as in you and the mouse in your pocket? Or you and Tara, as you’re the only ones in this thread taking issue with my pointing out Nelson is using it for grandstanding and political purposes?

          And I can’t help but take your anonymous comment with a grain of salt, as it’s awfully funny how often your alleged ‘conservative Republican’ allies himself with liberal democrats, and attacks nearly all other Republicans.

          1. Tara Volesky

            Well Pat there are many people that would like to say what Steve and I say but they dare not do it.

      2. Steve Sibson

        Pat, then do you agree that Gear Up is an example of corruption? I agree that Senator Nelson is using this to attack his political opponents, but that is what most, if not all, political minded people do.

        Nobody is perfect, so for the sake of $64 million in wasted taxpayers money, can we focus on how this all happened and then work together to find where else this is going on in South Dakota? I believe the Democrats are just as responsible for setting up a system that we can’t control, and that argument got me banned from Heidelberger’s fake press blog. It is time to reduce the size and scope of government, but sadly, few in either political party want to have that discussion.

        1. Anonymous

          No most politicians don’t attack their political opponents.

          Some actually talk about ideas and solutions to problems, not make personal attacks all the time like Sen. Nelson does….

          He is a bully and as long as he is leading the charge any discussion of the issue will get drowned out by his lack of credibility, the bridges he has burned with everyone in the GOP and his coziness to Democrats.

          He is a disgrace to the conservative cause.

    2. Anne Beal

      You might as well go after Head Start then. There is a study that shows the benefits of Head Start dissipate by the 2nd or 3rd grade;,either the children that didn’t go catch up to the ones that did, or the ones that did fall behind again. Either way it’s a lot of money going to an educational program with questionable benefits.
      It’s like school-based sex education. In the 1960s when it was first proposed and started up, the out-of-wedlock birthrate was 5%. Sex education in the schools was supposed to lower that. Instead, after 50 years of sex education in the schools, the out of wedlock birth rate is 50%. Obviously it’s not working, it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money and students’ time, but if you suggest eliminating it you are accused of being a Neanderthal.
      We have been convinced by professional educators that they know how to educate children and whatever they want to do is going to work. We throw a lot of money at education and are told we don’t know enough to evaluate the results. No matter how much money we spend on education, it’s never enough, and if we say anything we are accused of not caring about children or not respecting teachers.
      One thing I’ll give Stace credit for: demanding answers about the effectiveness of the Gear Up program.

      1. Tara Volesky

        I believe Stace was referring to money going into people’s pockets rather than software and Indian scholarships.

      1. Anonymous

        Getting thrown out of state house caucus, threatening a fellow house member with violence on the house floor, standing with Rick Weiland in a press conference, constantly standing with Democrats in the State senate in the last session, attacking everyone running in the 2014 US Senate Primary of being a Rounds’ plant but him the one true and only conservative in the state (just ask him), Constantly saying “Send in a Marine” and then when a tough vote comes in he hides in the bathroom, only attacking Republicans including Schoenfish in this latest example, he doesn’t want the truth, he wants to attack the legislator from his own district…a disgrace.

        Shall I go on or do you want more examples?

        1. Tara Volesky

          Somebody got to do it. It’s a dirty job, and the Democrats are no better. Who was involved in the whistle blower bill not allowing state official to use it?

          1. Fled to Red

            …when a tough vote comes in he hides in the bathroom,

            Somebody got to do it. It’s a dirty job,


    1. Tara Volesky

      I think he is more of an attraction. He attracts the voters attention. He also attracts the media.

    1. Steve Sibson

      Sorry Pat, then I will pass on discussing attacks on a political opponent for attacking a political opponent.

    2. Anne Beal

      Well actually Stace’s own behavior is what is distracting everybody from the central issue that a lot of money went into the Gear Up program and nothing seems to have come out of it. He’s so busy accusing everybody else of wrongdoing, that he’s gone off topic. He has made this an issue about himself: he’s the true conservative, he’s the only honest person in Pierre, and he’s going to prove it by destroying everybody else in his search for the truth so he can claim all the credit for himself. He is an example of the opposite of what Reagan said about accomplishing a lot if you don’t care who gets the credit. Stace is accomplishing nothing because getting all the credit is the only thing he cares about.

  8. Anonymous

    Two posts by Anne Beal in two hours, one commending Senator Nelson, the other claiming this scandal is his fault for demanding answers.

    All righty then.

    1. Anne Beal

      The only thing I agree with him on is that a lot of money went Into Gear Up for ….something. But his behavior has gotten in the way. It’s the difference between strategy and tactics.

      1. Anonymous

        Funny how you always push it’s his behavior that’s objectionable, when he’s outing bad behavior, and not the bad behavior he’s outing. You don’t notice that the feigned outrage over his “behavior,” is really a distraction from the behavior he’s outing?

  9. MC

    Representative Wismer made a great point Friday Morning on Mr. Belfrage’s Radio show.

    We (as in all of us) have millions of state and federal dollars flowing through various non-profit boards. Many of those sitting on the boards are part time, or even volunteers. They are generally more interested in seeing results, working on various projects rather than reviewing audits or looking at internal controls.

    While that, within self is not a scandal, however it does open the door for someone to reach into the cookie jar.

  10. Anon

    The longer this goes on, the more apparent it is that the corruption Stace is grandstanding about was all going on in Platte, not Pierre. But Stace is attacking everybody in Pierre, when the real crooks are on the school boards of the 14 districts that made up the Mid-Central Coop, and the employees of the Coop. The worst that can be said of anybody at the state level is that they didn’t catch on to it and shut it down sooner.

    I haven’t heard that Stace wants the school board members to appear before GOAC. Some of them are in his district and probably voted for him. Awkward!

  11. grudznick

    Why is Mr. Nelson scared to have his school board members appear before the GOAC? That is a very, very good question. Since he does not have them appear it looks like he is covering up corruption.

  12. Anonymous

    Why are you deleting comments supportive of Senator Nelson’s efforts to root out corruption?