Lora Hubbel strapping on the tinfoil hat and switching parties (again) to run for Governor.

You can’t hold back the tide of crazy, as Lora Hubbel has announced she is joining the party of the robot bee lady to run for Governor. As predicted.

I’m sure this will be an entertaining read, to say the least.

67 thoughts on “Lora Hubbel strapping on the tinfoil hat and switching parties (again) to run for Governor.”

  1. “Constitution Party Governor,” she says it at least twice… Not “South Dakota Governor”

    1. With four officially recognized political parties in South Dakota, it’s disappointing that none of them would nominate a candidate for governor who has the courage to speak publicly about Christianity.

  2. Well??? With the weak ticket in place one never knows how this will “stir the pot”…..

      1. Democrats live in both major parties we have found out. Starting from too down in the GOP

    1. you sound like one of those big tent republicans? I mean small tent republicans

      1. No Morty is just a low IQ former Democrat Republican. I can’t wait to vote against the failed liberal Noem/Rhoden ticket.

        1. Well, that’s one vote for Sutton. Still, he won’t win, no matter how much he wears that cowboy hat.

  3. I don’t agree with 100% of what she said, but most of it is right on. You can tell much of it is true because the response is largely personal attacks and not serious criticism of the substance.

    1. parsing her words without spelling corrections where needed, she is barely ten percent correct. every sentence with a factual start comes off the rails by the end. she did poll 19 percent in her first republican primary against sitting gov daugaard in 2014, and evidently that is where she squandered her store of political capital because she has barely registered since then. she correctly points out washington’s warning about the two party system (which could easily have been cribbed from any episode of the glenn beck radio show) but incorrectly and blithely asserts that republican and democrat votes are indistinguishable. i get so tired of hearing this stupendous falsehood that i almost hit my cap button. this is the false fortress of every provocateur who looks to gain a conservative foothold in the party at the cost of the mainstream majority of the state’s republican grassroots. “but most of it is right on.” sure.

  4. Politics is the art of the possible. Lora has not been able to win a primary in her own district so she persists in quixotic tilts at the governorship. It is impossible for these efforts to succeed.
    There are so many things she could be doing in Sioux Falls, but she doesn’t want to do anything possible.

  5. She is constantly helping people and listening to their problems and would make a great Governor for all people of SD. She has fought against common core, Obama Care and tax and spend RINO’s. She will make SD great again.

      1. your another one of those small tent republicans! here is an idea get off the couch, get out of the back seat and run for office yourself. Otherwise quit trashing those with man manhood than yourself!

    1. Tara, with you just joining the Republican party, please don’t start bad habits by calling people RINOs.

    2. Tara stop hogging the Hubbleade. We get it- you’ve drank the juice. The 99% of us have decided to pass multiple times. Sometimes sleeping dogs should just stay down.

        1. Watching always from the sidelines and never in the game because, election-wise, she’s a massive loser.

    3. Tara, Lora is never going to be governor. She might, however, manage to be elected to a school board which is the best position from which to fight the progressive agenda.
      The Republican Party platform has a plank which states we support local control of the schools, which means that a school board packed with progressives can opt in to Common Core, decide what gender can use which bathroom, and pay their teachers peanuts. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and the butts which sit on the school board control the future. While Lora is running for Governor, Progressives are taking over the school boards. Why doesn’t she pick a realistic goal?

  6. ok, does tax and spend big government Republican sound better? There are still some Conservatives out in Pierre, but very few.

    1. Yes it does. Tax and spend on services we need like infrastructure to make the manufactures and Ag sectors competitive. Pay our teachers above the poverty line, provide quality social and protective services.

      God forbid we grow our quality of living in the state!

  7. Once again she won’t be elected. And once again, she will blame everybody else for the outcome.

    1. Yeah isn’t it great we don’t have any of that in the national parties! Like Mitt Romney, John Mc Cain or Hilary Clinton

      1. watch it. mr romney is about to make a great senator, and hilary clinton is one of the best things to ever happen to the republican party. and john mccain is still alive, he could find out where you live.

      2. So your argument in favor of Hubbell is to compare her to Hilary Clinton?

        Let me know how that works out for you.

  8. Good for Lora. Rather than be in a constant state of conflict Lora and soon to be others can finally be in a political party they can call home. Tara, Stace and Sibby could help build the party too.

      1. Didn’t you lose the mayoral race? And how many other races before that? You’re not MAGA- Donald Trump likes winners… you have a habit of losing.

          1. Tara I do care and so do you and so does Lora otherwise we wouldn’t be writing things trying to persuade people in our fashion of thinking. Lora’s daughter married a Hoffman boy from the Leola Hills. Great family and salt of the earth kind of folks who who drop anything to help a neighbor so I care about that family and Lora too. Hence I’m responding to your last statement which is a total coverup. Losing hurts I know personally but I know why and it had everything to do with voters thinking I didn’t care. That won’t happen again if I ever run again trust me. I’m not sure quite how you ran your campaign but I have some knowledge of Lora’s and it boggles my mind how burning bridges and accusing everyone in power as being corrupt and on the take will gather public trust in voter approval at the polls. No one wants their home burned down in order to remodel the kitchen but that is the scenario you both appear to be laying out there.

            On another note at the GOP convention in Pierre the House burners all had their respective rear ends handed to them and the two greatest speeches of the convention were Dale Barchers very inclusive speech for Larry Rhoden for AG and Dusty Johnson’s speech bringing everyone on board in the correct type of firestorm positive language. Dusty on Fire is a case in point of how to give a political speech and Tara you should take some notes because you do care. And rightly so.

          2. It’s a sign that maybe you should educate yourself on what South Dakotans really want and then maybe, maybe, you wouldn’t lose so often. Have Hubble also take a broader look across the state as well-

  9. It boggles my mind that Lora calls herself an RN with her anti-vaxxer nuttiness.

    My Grandmother was a nurse. My mom and my Aunt were RN’s, My sister is an RN. And without exception they would consider Lora’s views on vaccination as being an order of fries short of a happy meal.

    1. For someone who lectures others on how to behave when talking to other republicans, you sound like one of those elitist “RINOS” who want everyone to do as i say not as i do. In the constitutional America that I went to war to fight and possibly die for, people like this Lora have a right to free speech, free thought and free practice of using or not using vaccines. The science can be and is argued both ways even before the SPOTUS (supreme court of the United States) and so far Lora still has that right! My Grandmother would probably say about your comment ” his butter done slipped off his biscuit”

      1. Nature Boy the anti-vaxxers put the rest of us at risk. If your served in the military guess what? You were vaccinated.

        1. Yes, I was vaccinated and I was glad to be vaccinated! However, as nieve as it sounds I actually believed that I was defending the constitutional rights of all our people to share the same freedoms! Which include freedom of thought, freedom of speech, the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the right of being vaccinated or not vaccinated. If you are so concerned about her not getting vaccinated all you have to do is get vaccinated yourself! her choice in no way prohibits you from getting vaccinated! And weather you believe it or not there are documented cases of DEATH and PERMANENT INJURY from vaccinations. As low as the overall probabilities may be this is still a choice every American has been granted by the blood of countless veterans. While I may agree with your medical conclusion I will still fight and die to defend her right to make her own choice.

      2. Free speech means you get to say what you want. It also means I get to say what I want. And if you act like an idiot, I am going to exercise that free speech to tell you as much. Stop using the first amendment to try and shield morons from criticism. That is the exact opposite of what it is intended for.

  10. Lora a trained RN will be competing against a Doctor for the nomination for their party and there may be another also and doubt it would be CJ Abernathy minus his beard.

  11. Stace should switch over to the Constitutional Party and run for governor there too. He would no longer be the Bull Elephant over there anymore but he will always be a Marine.

    1. Please expand on that comment about “Stace” are you bashing him or her? If so why? or are you bashing the United States Marines? if so Why?

  12. Mr. Nelson is a former Marine. Now he’s insaner than most, and would be well suited to be nominated for Lt. Governor under that pretty young Ms. Hubbel, she of the tin foil hat brigade.

  13. I want to say thank you to the Author of this post I have made several posts today on this site that may or may not have been in total agreement with the author Pat Powers. However, he has shown the integrity to allow differing view points that is so very uncommon on sites of this type! Earlier I also responded to another site which is totally miss labeled as the Dakota Free Press and was completely censored I offer it as evidence that there is a real difference in the political discussion sites in South Dakota.

    the post: by their author at DAKOTA FREE PRESS (AKA:PROVDA)

    Trump Attacks Due Process Again, Calling for Instant Deportation of Perceived Enemies
    Posted 2018-06-25 07:58 by Cory Allen Heidelberger 14 Comments

    First Donald Trump said he wants to take our guns without due process. Now he says he wants to throw people out of the country without any opportunity to speak in court:

    We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order… [Donald Trump, Tweet, 2018.06.24].

    As usual, this isn’t a formal, vetted policy statement; this is just another id/thumb-spasm from the White House. But adhering to the thesis that the public words of the President of the United States matter, we can only conclude that Trump is saying that he supports giving law enforcement the power to detain and deport any objectionable person at the border.

    Translation: If I visit Mexico and drive back through Tijuana, Trump’s ICE goons could check my I-D, see my name flagged on a list of subversives, shout, “Fake News—er, passport!” haul me off in a black van and drop me back in the Mexican desert.

    Shorter translation: The government could make you disappear.

    Just three days after the Supreme Court ruled that police need a warrant just to look at your cellphone location information, the Executive Branch’s expressed desire to seize and deport individuals without any court hearing is chillingly unconstitutional:

    In response, Omar Jadwat, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, called Trump’s suggestion “both illegal and unconstitutional”.

    “Any official who has sworn an oath to uphold the constitution and laws should disavow it unequivocally.”

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) also condemned the US president’s comments.

    “This clear call for an end to the constitutionally-guaranteed right to due process is symptomatic of an administration that disdains both the Constitution and our judicial system, and would subject those who cross our borders to the whims of unaccountable officials acting on the twisted logic of white supremacy and racism,” Nihad Awad, CAIR national executive director, said in a statement.

    “All Americans should be outraged by this affront to our values and democracy” [“Trump Slammed for Calling to Deport Migrants Without Due Process,” Aljazeera, 2018.06.25].

    The only way that Trumpists can maintain the fiction that they are “Making America Great Again” is by repudiating the values that make America great and fantasizing that the tyrannical policy pronouncements of Il Duce would only punish some evil, dehumanized other and not on themselves or any other American who might draw the ire of an overreaching Executive Branch.

    MY RESPONSE HEIR CORY ALLEN: Proof that Quality of Author is self evident!
    Nature Boy
    2018-06-25 at 19:43
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. (CENSORSHIP)

    This post is both ARROGANT and OFFENSIVE; it is the height of arrogance to assume the right to project our constitution onto people who are not citizens of the United States; not to mention who have committed a felony by entering our country without permission. Offensive by assuming the reader is too stupid to realize that the policy of Donald Trump as offensive as it is to some is identical to the policy of both Barack Obama and George Bush when it comes to detaining and separating the children from their parents who committed the felony in the first place. This policy along with the pictures that have been all over the news were from the Obama and Bush years. If you want to bash Trump please use one of the numerous true and factual opportunities he offers daily, rather than one that is false and made up it makes you look like a political HACK or HATTER! DUE PROCESS is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT not a HUMAN RIGHT!

    1. Nature Boy, you must be new around here and South Dakota for that matter if you have no idea who Stace Nelson is. You also do not appear to have much knowledge of Lora Hubble how has a history of some weird ideas. This particular blog is the most read and participated in political blog in SD. DWC has quite a variety of participants ranging from very thoughtful opinion presenters such as Troy to kooks such as me. I am sure you will realize this if you hang around and get to know this bunch of political junkies. IMHO, it is a mistake to quote DFP because it only causes DFP to have an increase in traffic.

      1. I am new around here and I was recommended to visit both sites ( DWC & DFP) I offered a name change recommendation to that CORY person Suggestion #1 the Dakota freely suppressed or #2 the Dakota full communist. As for the two people you referred to I don’t really know them, but, in our society we have legal restrictions on who can and who cannot run for office. Personally, I would have preferred that John McCain and Mitt Romney quit running for office after they lost the first time. Although I never actually suggested that they had no right to run. McCain and Romney always seemed more like conflicted democrats than they did republicans, and I am a big supporter of the idea that Hillery Clinton should keep on running. I can’t really think of too many republicans that would loose to that crooked old hag.

        1. “offered a name change recommendation to that CORY person”

          What name did you post as over there. CORY says one thing and then does another which is common for him.

  14. Unfortunately there is no requirement to be ‘sane’ in order to run for public office. If there was such a thing, Hubbel & Crazy Nelson would be sitting in the stands. The harm in letting people with mental issues spout their nonsense, is that there are equally weak people who actually buy into their lies and BS. People of intelligence have had it with them, so there will likely be some movement to take out the garbage BIG time before November.

    1. Eventually those who get the election virus and run just to run either run out of money or relevance. In either case they become less and less consequential to future elections. I don’t really think that too many republicans today would suggest the Ronald Reagan should have quit running after his first loss. Although, there were a lot of republicans back then who ridiculed him for running at all, given his only note worthy work experience was that he was as an actor prior to becoming a politician. You never know how it might turn out so you shouldn’t limit your options or attack those who care enough to get involved.

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