State Medical Board yanks Annette Bosworth’s medical license.

Without an attorney or, it seemed, a clue on how to mount a credible defense of her actions, Annette Bosworth stayed true to her script to the end, regardless. From KELOland:

Annette BosworthThe South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners has voted to remove Dr. Annette Bosworth’s medical license.

It comes after a felony conviction for election law violations.  A judge sentenced Bosworth to three years of probation and 500 hours of community service. She’s been doing that community service by working at an addiction-treatment program on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

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Watching it, it seemed an ignoble end as Bosworth kept repeating the same lines we’d heard throughout her entire campaign tenure. And they had been worn threadbare by election day, much less when used as a defense for her actions, which she never really fessed up to.

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  1. How does the Board rationalize the revocation based on an election fraud conviction?

    Why not have a mental evaluation and use that to revoke the license?

  2. It is interesting how pretty and insane together attract such a media presence. We might all wonder or hope, now that she is free of her doctoring responsibilities she might run for something again. Maybe she could get in the legislatures.

  3. I really don’t care much about Annette Bosworth, but I am having a hard time getting my head around how her medical license has anything to do with her conviction on election fraud. Is she an incompetent doctor? That should be the reason to remove her license.

  4. TWELVE FELONIES enough said….All this talk about it was unrelated to her medical practice WHO CARES she is a convicted felon X 12…those are not the type of people society handles prescriptions, medical procedures or care…as is the same with any profession.

    The medical community has to have standards and not having “A” felony let alone TWELVE is not that hard of a standard to maintain in one’s life.

  5. We will never know what else is in her file. I’m sure it paints a crazy picture. I assume stability is an issue.

  6. Think about all the years invested in her medical education. What a shame. The scariest part is her loss of license has now provided her time to go back to school. She’s going to become a lawyer!

  7. While the election process itself does not have any direct effect on Bosworth’s ability to practice, the convictions for FRAUD does. There is a reason that people with “crimes of dishonesty” do not get jobs working for banks, as pharmacists, or doctors. Because they are positions that require honesty, and the ability to trust and believe the people who have those positions.
    When you place your money, health, and very life in the hands of a person, it is inherent that you be able to know that they are working for your best interests, and not capable or disposed to hide the truth. People with “displaying anothers identification” are turned away from working as tellers at a bank (that’s fake ID for those of you not still in college) and they just put your money in the bank. Why in the world would anyone want to go to a Doctor that has been convicted, at trial, or 12 felony convictions for lying and perjury. That means no only did she commit the crime, but didn’t admit it until 12 people forced her to. The kid who goes and pleads to fake ID is more trust worth than her, and he can’t get a job at a bank. Why should she be able to treat life threatening illness, or prescribe drugs that administered incorrectly could kill you?

    1. In many states (the number is growing including MN), a potential employer cannot ask for an applicant’s criminal history.

      1. There’s a difference between applying for a job at burger King and seeking or defending a professional license.

        1. Not really.

          A bad burger can cause a lot of harm, and it’s difficult to trace.

          A bad doctor can cause much harm as well, but is easy to trace.

  8. To add to Veritas’ comment.

    One of the components of having a medical license is having a license/permit from the Drug Enforcement Agency to issue prescriptions. Approximately around the time of her trial (can’t remember if it was before the trial, during the trial, or after conviction), I was at a table with a couple of Doctors. They said conviction on any charge with regard to submitting any type of false document was nearly automatic grounds for loss of this license/permit from DEA because DEA expects absolute confidence documents from Doctors are accurate and true.

    These Drs. knew of examples of Drs. who lost their DEA license for submitting false loan application documents, false documents in divorce proceedings and other examples I can’t recall. They then went on to say a medical Dr. who can’t prescribe is effectively unable to practice medicine and, if convicted, any action of the Medical Board was likely just making clear what would be end result after DEA action.

    1. Sure, submitting a false document to the DEA is relevant, but election fraud? I don’t see the connection.

      So a doctor who write/submits a bad check should/can have her DEA authorization pulled? Uh, no.

      “These Drs. knew of examples of Drs. who lost their DEA license for submitting false loan application documents, false documents in divorce proceedings and other examples I can’t recall. ”

      I question the veracity of those statements.

  9. Those wondering why she lost her license – wake up.

    You -indeed everyone- should be gratified to know that those who hold a medical license are held to the highest standards as dictated by law, ethics, professionalism and common sense.

    Bosworth absolutely could not defend herself. Neither could her lawyers. Twelve people and a judge believed she knew what she was doing and that she broke the law. They believed she was smart enough to understand the rules. They believed she demonstrated that she understood the rules. PERIOD. That she chooses not to understand this or simply wants not to face the truth about herself demonstrates that she has poor judgement in the extreme. She could not, would not own it. She continues to choose not to own it. She pretends that it’s all about the fact that she “knew” the folks wanted her on the ballot. This has nothing to do with it and she continues to pretend that it does. This IS a substantial and consequential character flaw.

    Do you want someone with that type of judgement determining your treatment?

    I have personal experience with her judgement in regards to treatment decisions for those with alcohol/drug dependence. I can tell you, after checking with treatments centers in the local area, her judgement was off base in the extreme and put someone in her care through needless physical and emotional suffering.

    Judgement matters, folks. It matters everything you do.

    So yes, her choices and judgement about something as simple as a ballot and following the requisite rules simply unearthed a broader truth about Dr. Annette Bosworth.

    And those in her camp who blame Marty Jackley, Big Government, Good Old Boys Clubs, The Medical Board, Steve Hickey and boogie men around every corner demonstrate the same gross incompetence and moral void as Bosworth herself. This behavior is unseemly and disgusting. And finally, using, Bosworth’s own “Christian” standard, their behavior will be judged in the eyes of God.

  10. Per Curiam,

    All I am communicating what I was told. These are reputable Drs.

    If you have evidence/information these are inaccurate statements, I will ask the Drs. directly to explain their statements in light of what you provide.

    1. I’m not doubting WHAT was said; I’m doubting whether what was said was true.

      I suspect that claims about the DEA pulling certificates based on ” false loan application documents, false documents in divorce proceedings” was mere gossip or high tales. More FOAF “information”.

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