More on Tapio… Tapio Speech from May 2017

The video that was leaked from the likely upcoming Tapio for Congress announcement was taken down after a few hours, but there is video out there from this past year where Neal spoke before introducing David Horowitz at the rally held in Sioux Falls, which appears to touch on themes he might be bringing up in a congressional campaign:

4 thoughts on “More on Tapio… Tapio Speech from May 2017”

  1. Much better content in this video, compared to the crap and lack of tolerance for freedom shown this week.

    1. Hey, Jake. Good to see you back. I’m curious about your previous post. How does Tapio look like a racist? Please, enlighten us on how one would recognize a racist by their appearance?

      The Freedom Rally was an informative and fun event. I’d like to have seen a Q&A, maybe next time.

      I agree with Tapio, “the desire to get to the truth” runs deep in many of us. Liberty and freedom for all.

  2. “More on Tapio…” When you say it out loud, it sounds about right.

    Total and complete FREEDOM to keep brown refugees from finding peace and safety in South Dakota.

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