More postcards from around the state this weekend. It’s almost over!

Had a few minutes from being miserable from my cold to post some of the postcards in the mail this weekend.

And I am freaking miserable, so I went in and got tested. It’s not covid. It’s not strep throat. It’s not the flu. It’s something “viral,”  so this weekend has been a waste for me, aside from a few moments of energy where I’m getting up and posting. Ugh.

Anyway, postcards.. here’s what I’ve got..

Ron Moeller in D31 sent this over, noting his endorsement from General Michael Flynn. Not sure if that’s an ad or a card..

In this card from Dusty Johnson’s campaign, everyone is looking for Taffy Howard, because of her propensity to not show up in the Legislature 14% of the time. And she should very deservedly take a hit on this.

On a more positive note, Taylor Rehfeldt is out with a biographical piece about her background, her family, and her issues in a re-election appeal..

Bryan Breitling in District 23 Senate is out in a positive piece this weekend talking about issues..

District 7 Republican House hopeful Roger DeGroot hits on a few issues in his pursuit of the office..

And for the same office, South Dakota Strong takes another run at D7 House hopeful Doug Post’s record in the legislature.

After two prior postcards from opponents apparently went elsewhere, District 2 Senate hopeful Steve Kolbeck sent a postcard out to the correct District 2 this weekend.

Sue Peterson hit District 13 with a large format voter guide…


And this last week Richard Thomason hit District 13 with a large format flyer..

These are just a small sampling, as I can only put so many photos up at a time. And from reports, there are a LOT more that have been hitting.

But don’t give up hope – election day is almost here, and you won’t be so popular in the mail anymore.

2 more days!  (Maybe I’ll shake my cold by then).

4 thoughts on “More postcards from around the state this weekend. It’s almost over!”

  1. I would be ecstatic if the campaigns would update their voter lists daily to see who already voted/mailed in their absentee ballot and then take them off the list.

    1) it would save them money
    2) those of us who voted wouldn’t have all that extra stuff in the mail box
    3) we wouldn’t get phone calls/texts from the campaigns.

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