8 thoughts on “New GOP entrant in District 31 House race”

  1. Scott is a great father, family man and conservative man. He is a class act.


  2. That has not attended one Lincoln Day Dinner in Lawrence County. What’s that tell you.

      1. It tells me that he has been raising his family, serving on the school board and helped more people in the party through the years without going to just one dinner a year.

  3. Lincoln Day dinners – same 30 people along with the same 12 candidates and their guest. A crowd of 50 or 60 at your event does not a party make.

    As for Scott… a good candidate. But I sort of thought the Scott that we would see run would be Scott Swier since he has time on his hands.

  4. Scott is an even tempered, thoughtful person. The perfect demeanor for a legislator. Plus he’s been involved in GOP politics since moby dick was a guppy. You toss in that added benefit of being born in God’s country up ‘der nort of Tchereka and that’s powerful stuff. (It’s hard to type in a German Russian dialect with spellcheck)

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