Noem Chooses Larry Rhoden for Lieutenant Governor

Noem Chooses Larry Rhoden for Lieutenant Governor

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Kristi Noem, Republican candidate for South Dakota governor, has chosen Larry Rhoden to serve as Lieutenant Governor. Rhoden is a lifelong West River rancher, a dedicated husband and father, and a proven leader with a record of service for South Dakota.

“Larry, like most ranchers, is plain spoken, direct, and honest. That’s why I trust him, and why I chose him to serve as Lieutenant Governor,” said Noem. “Larry’s spent his life ranching. His family operation has survived droughts and floods, blizzards, and bad markets. Even though his herd survived Winter Storm Atlas, he was out the next morning helping his neighbors, a testament to his South Dakota character. But that’s who he is. Larry has served his church, served our state in the South Dakota National Guard, and served his constituents as a citizen legislator. I am honored he’s again chosen to serve; this time, as South Dakota’s next Lieutenant Governor.”

“I am humbled to accept Kristi Noem’s offer to serve as her Lieutenant Governor,” said Rhoden. “It’s clear Kristi is fighting for something much bigger than herself, and she expects the same of those serving in her administration. We have an opportunity to do some big things without raising taxes or growing government. I’m proud to be part of the team.”

After graduating high school, Rhoden joined the South Dakota National Guard, serving six years. While his children were young, he served as a church trustee, earned a seat on the local school board, and led the Board of Directors for the area Cenex.

In 2001, Rhoden began serving in the state legislature. During his time as a citizen legislator, his peers have repeatedly selected him to serve in leadership, and he’s shown an aptitude for getting things done. Rhoden worked with Noem to reform South Dakota’s tax code, led efforts to repeal the so-called “Trucker’s Tax,” and shaped legislation to limit the government’s eminent domain authority. His work earned him the American Conservative Union’s highest ranking in 2017. Today, Rhoden serves as the Majority Whip in the South Dakota House.

Rhoden, who currently runs a cow-calf operation and custom welding business near Union Center, South Dakota, still lives on the ranch where he was born and raised. He and his wife, Sandy, have four boys, two daughters-in-law, and one grandchild.

12 thoughts on “Noem Chooses Larry Rhoden for Lieutenant Governor”

  1. Congratulations Larry Rhoden!

    Now go put on your flak jacket for the attacks you are about to receive from 3rd place Stace

    1. Great pick for Lt. Gov: a solid conservative with years of legislative experience. He’s cut taxes & fought eminent domain abuse. He supports our constitutional right to bear arms. Mr. Rhoden served with honor in the national guard, a vital duty no patriotic Republican should denigrate. Thank you for helping protect America, Larry. You’ve earned my vote.

  2. Oh, I get it. You guys picked a former Democrat as the Democrats picked a former Republican. I see how this works….. Silly me…..


    1. But oddly enough, a former Democrat outvotes most, if not all SD R’s in the conservative category. Including those claiming to be most conservative. Go figure.

    1. I don’t think much of the Americans who said of Clinton, or Bush, or Obama, “he’s not MY president.” Naturally, I was disappointed by Clinton’s immoral conduct. His actions violate my beliefs. But, ultimately, we’re in this together: one nation, come rain or shine.

      I don’t mind supporting a former democrat who’s matured & embraced conservative ideals. Many Great Americans were democrats when young. My grandpa enlisted in ’41. He killed a bunch of Nazis. He voted for FDR, Truman, & JFK. He then voted for Goldwater, Reagan, & his fellow WW2 fighter pilot: G.H.W. Bush.

      Even Ronald Reagan voted for JFK. So what? It’s a BIG tent.

  3. It is crazy to differentiate between a life long Republican or a convert. It is especially crazy when it comes from RINO’s who conspires with Democrats and accuses long term GOP activists as being Faux Republicans. Loopy crazy.

    1. I don’t recall exactly but it seems to me that someone outed Nelson for not having registered until later than possible and then didn’t vote for several years after returning to SD. That was until he decided to run. Anyone else remember that? I already asked PP but he doesn’t recall that. Don’t recall which blog from four years ago…

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