Perennial Sioux Falls city candidate arrested for assault after accused of trying to strangle woman

Good gosh. What is it with politicos being accused of trying to strangle women?

First, it was Gordon Howie/Neal Tapio campaign supporter Shad Olson. Now, Sioux Falls city candidate.. or attempted city candidate.. David Zokaites has been accused of trying to injure some poor woman:

At Zokaites’ initial appearance hearing Tuesday, Minnehaha County prosecutor Kathleen Fulton said the allegations against Zokaites were that an argument between him and the woman became physical, and that he placed an exercise ball over her mouth and nose and put his body weight on it, preventing her from breathing for 30 seconds.

Victoria Reker, with the Minnehaha County Public Advocate’s Office, said Zokaites denied the allegations. Reker had asked the woman to leave his home after coming over while she was intoxicated, which had become a “pattern of behavior” that he had called police about before.

Read the entire story here.


12 thoughts on “Perennial Sioux Falls city candidate arrested for assault after accused of trying to strangle woman”

  1. Typical Trump Magats. They love adultery, abuse, and just about every crime committed by big ego/little brain individuals.

    1. Alright calm down, reefer madness. Potheads get nachos and work it out. You’re thinking of drunks. Drunks fight and call the cops.

      1. This fellow, Mr. Zokaites, along with his road dog Mr. Zitterich, need to refrain from the demon weed and trying to be in the governments. They are most entertaining, but both are dangerous when all toked up.

  2. I sure hope David Z gets out of the Big House before the Levitt’s music season ends.
    David was a regular on the Jennifer Kirby dance floor in front of the Levitt stage.
    The guy had more moves than Burns Moving & Storage.

  3. Who let the Minnesotan into this thread? She continues to spread her insane propaganda to restrict your freedoms. She believes prohibition works which we all know is a lie.

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