Political opponents to Sioux Falls Mayor whining again, this time about trying to retain employees.

The opponents of Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken are doing a lot of whining lately. First, it was about him publicizing already public information. Now, they’re crying about him trying to keep employees in the face of the economy & COVID, pressures which are making it harder for all employers in Sioux Falls:

Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken wants to give nearly all full-time city employees $2,000 to keep them from leaving their jobs in a competitive market.


“If the mayor has waited this long to pay our city employees a wage that they deserve, he can wait until the elections are done,” said Taneeza Islam, who is also running for mayor.

Read it here.

According to the story, nearly 10% of city employees have been rolled over in the last year. And because he’s trying to address the problem that has been building, his opponents are demanding he wait another 4-6 months to fix it.  Nevermind that the State and other entities are working to do similar things to retain employees.

It seems that the only ones playing politics are the opponents. (In addition to the whining.)

5 thoughts on “Political opponents to Sioux Falls Mayor whining again, this time about trying to retain employees.”

  1. Hopefully city workers will forget about being treated like crap for 4.5 years and accept this Federal cash.

    Mayor Gary Hanson did the same thing back in the day.

  2. Janet Brielle claiming a conflict is just bizarre. It’s a conflict because of you do a good thing, people might be more likely to vote for you? Doesn’t that make EVERY vote a conflict?

  3. Paul’s done a great job, and the absolute emptiness of these critiques illustrate the complete lack of ammo his opponents have.

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