Rep. Phil Jensen proposes anti-vaxxer amendment to override laws providing for measles, polio vaccines, ebola

Draft-dodger. member of Oath-Keeper insurrection group.  It looks like State Representative Phil Jensen is adding another superlative, as he adds anti-vaxxer to his repertoire and proposes a constitutional measure to give those actively infected with typhus and polio a constitutional right to hang out in crowded classrooms, and otherwise refuse treatment and confinement:

I’m pretty sure they called the Dark Ages that for a reason, with the active spread of bubonic plague.  Which it seems that Representative Jensen is ok with seeking a return to.

It also answers the question of whether Representative Carl Perry will sign on to any bill placed under his nose, or if he actually reads the content of the pieces of paper with squiggly lines on them.

Because Perry also signed onto sponsor this measure to give someone actively infected with ebola the right to snuggle up next to him in church, since this person would have the right to refuse treatment, and can’t be denied going into public accommodations under the proposed amendment.

Seriously. Who comes up with these crackpot proposals?

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  1. The SDGOP, other state GOPs and national are not that far from Jensen’s positions. They let the crazies into the parties where they ransacked and sowed chaos in them.

    Then you have Representative JC WhizBang (An old name given to him locally) from Aberdeen that is an example of how far the quality of representation has plummeted. Another legislator that is new from that district being a rabid anti-vaxxer/masker that follows RFK Jr positions on vaccines.

    How did they gain any traction within the party and even elected? No opposition party. None!

  2. Also in the news, dangerous conspiracy theorist Phil Jensen claims Tigers in the Jungle and they are dangerous despite fact that entire village currently doesn’t see a tiger.

  3. Someone might have to explain to Silly Phil that the Supreme Court has already ruled on this topic in 1905. They might also have to use a picture book since some of the words might be a little too long for him also.

  4. Flashback to the days when Pat was telling everyone to get the shot because he saw a Sanford chart. Pure genius obviously.

      1. Just stop digging Pat, I’m not sure you really
        grasp those words you’re using. They duped millions of people, you’re not alone on this.

      2. @sodakcampaigns,
        When the shot for the Wuhan flu was being pushed, there wasn’t enough science to make the claims that were being made.

        1. Still waiting for proof to refute the claims that these vaccines are unsafe or have caused an uptick in deaths.

          1. The wuhan vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting covid or transmitting covid.

            The science is settled on that.

  5. One could make the case this is the new RINO Party with the fringe radical Libertarians and religious nut jobs hijacking a major political party and calling the traditional policy focused, cordial and common sense Republicans RINOs and driving them from the party. Today’s RINO Party among many strange fixations is intent on pursuing it’s own morbid voter reduction program.

  6. It breaks my heart with all the name calling. We may not always see eye to eye on things, but we all love this State and our familes. Weather this bill passes or not, I do believe people still have the right to their medical decisions. That is still our freedom’s as an American. If a bill is presented and it would help South Dakotans keep our freedom of choice, we need to keep an open mind. If there is something on the books already, then that is great. Nobody in this state is making, the people, take things we don’t want at this time, but the
    WHO and the WEF, would love to see everyone and every country do things they want. Those organizations feel they know what is best. This country was founded on each person being free and making their own decission for themselves and their families.
    I feel people in this state do agree on one thing. We are Americans and we want what is best for this state.

    1. Vaccinations for Measles, Polio and others Freedom for me but not for thee? War on Public Health. Great Strategy!

    2. C’mon, Lisa… Dontcha know? Name-calling is the pinnacle of political discourse these days. And civility? Why that’s almost as antiquated as thoughtful consideration.

      1. There is a sound libertarian argument to be made that vaccinations can be required not out of common good, but rather to prevent unjust harm to others. I know I get irritated by people who dont acknowledge this while still claiming moral superiority.

  7. The measure says nothing about COVID. It goes after all vaccinations and procedures. It literally gives the ability of someone with cholera or ebola free rein to not receive treatment, and to spread it at will. It’s completely nuts.

  8. Got any peer-reviewed evidence to substantiate your claims of huge increases in deaths among young people being attributed to COVID vaccines?

  9. The anti vaccination crusade is as close to crazy as anything I’ve seen come up in the past 50 years. The proponents are not advocating personal freedom. They are pro-virus, pro bacteria, pro disease, pro death, pro the destruction of society based on the common good and the survival of our species. Revisit your high school Biology text book.

    1. High School Biology Book? More than likely an Anti-Vax Pro-conspiracy off the wall fringe home school text book.

  10. Government SHALL NOT mandate that a “FREE AMERICAN” has to do anything, period.

    Any Mandate imposed on a Free People of which the Constitution protects, is Unconstitutional.

    Government SHALL NOT MANDATE:

    a) a specific wage,
    b) vaccines
    c) you must buy insurance (auto, health, life, commercial, etc)

    Get Government out of our “Private Lives” period.

    Those who supported Contract Tracing, Masks, Vaccines, whatever it may be, were heavily Un-Constitutional Supporters.

    1. Jacobson v. Massachusetts would beg to differ, as it affirmed that states have the authority to mandate vaccines for public safety. The court has also used Jacobson in at least 6 subsequent decisions confirming that the states do have some policing authority.

      And for a little historical fun fact, Washington himself mandated smallpox inoculation within the Continental Army, with those refusing being sent to quarantine with other like minded individuals. Unsurprisingly, many of those who refused inoculation died from smallpox during their quarantine.

      1. This cant be right. You didnt randomly capitalize words and mention “the people” as if that means everyone agrees with you.

      2. Since the true power behind the “State” are the people, and the people by means of representing themselves, their interests, let alone their own morals, values, beliefs, their own properties, the people have the “Right” to adopt any such resolution or law necessary to defend those interests. What that particular court case stated was that PEOPLE can adopt any such law they wish to adopt, so long as the majority of the people consent to being governed as such. And based on the S.D Constitution, Article 6, Section 1, the right of the people to consent or not consent to such adopted laws is a god given protected right. The people have the constitutional means of over turning their adopted laws, let alone adopting new laws changing course. The fact is, many people, residing in the majority of the 687 precincts are standing up and reveling against forced vaccines, urging their legislators to remove all vaccine mandates on themselves, let alone their children.

        When the people are fully organized, the Legislature has no power, for the people rule over the State Government by all means. The State Government is NOT above the people, it is beneath the people and when a person does NOT agree to be governed as such, they have the right to file a grievance, let alone take that government to court, let alone change the law that has directed the government to do such thing or things.

    2. Mike you may be on to something. Have you been on Mr. Dale’s Bloggings Show with his side kick Lar?

  11. We could argue semantics about this and never reach a consensus. But at the very base of what it boils down to is personal responsibility, period. You are ultimately responsible for yourself. Asking others to ensure your safety is a fools errand.

    When I first heard of Covid in the summer of ’19, I was genuinely concerned and started to make preparations. Then, when I saw Congress pass the Cares Act and the Provider Relief Fund which basically “monitized” covid cases, and noticed the death rate hovering around 1% and holding steady without statistical growth, I knew something was amiss. Yellow fever in 1917 killed 20-50% of those infected. The Black Plague actually created a population bottleneck killing a third of the population of the known world. Covid 19 was nothing in comparison to a true pandemic.

    It’s as if Covid was a really nasty case of the flu. Which it is. That’s why we have vaccines and boosters and more boosters trying to chase it. Small Pox vaccines actually work, Polio vaccines actually work. TB vaccines actually work. Covid vaccines, so far, haven’t.

    Did the govt know, I don’t know. All I know is that my life was put on hold for nearly two years, I lost a business, had relatives die that I would have been able to hold their hands in their final moments but couldn’t because of mandates, endure false shame from either mask proponents or opponents depending on present company and yet after all this time; the government and trillions of dollars, they still couldn’t cure an aggressive version of the common cold. And some here are pining for more of the same competency.

    If you want to be scared of something that the government should be involved in…look at medical malpractice sometime. Pretty consistently ranking third year after year. Generally killing 250k to 440k people a year depending on how harshly malpractice is determined.

  12. “Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem. More than 667 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through January 18, 2023. During this time, VAERS received 18,769 preliminary reports of death (0.0028%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA clinicians review reports of death to VAERS including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records. Continued monitoring has identified nine deaths causally associated with J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccination. CDC and FDA continue to review reports of death following COVID-19 vaccination and update information as it becomes available.” (

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