Proof that we are a broken society.

This is what people are spending their time complaining about. The footwear for an animated piece of candy in a commercial.

5 thoughts on “Proof that we are a broken society.”

    1. LOL, only the extremists reciting what their media has told them think candy marketing characters are “wokeness”. You ever wonder why your media hates every form of education (libraries, museums, schools), and then tells you never to listen to the “left wing media” which ironically is everything but them? It is because they like stupid people to follow them, if you are educated you would know a marketing cartoon character isn’t real, it doesn’t have a gender, real candy can’t even talk, it is mostly sugar and water. Could you listen to another form of media and recognize the bias and just take away the issue? If you are claiming media bias, and wokeness, you obviously can’t handle hearing another perspective in fear it could “catch” you and prove you are wrong, better just stick with the media that says if you do everything they say, you are in the right.

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