Right to charge fees ballot measure actually attempt to remove right to work laws?

On the Argus Leaders’ 100 eyes today, they dropped a hint that one of the more innocuous ballot measures is actually far more sinister than it would let on:

Initiated Measure to Allow the Charging of Fees by Pat Powers

Apparently, as related on the show, this measure is allegedly an attempt on the part of unions to bust right to work laws by allowing them to force fees – and potentially involuntary Union membership on non-union members by claiming they’re representing all workers… allowing them to charge fees, i.e. Union Dues, of everyone they represent.

What do you think? Is this valid application of this proposed change to the constitution?

And now that the cat is out of the bag, should ballot measures circulating be forced to provide more information than they apparently are letting on at the onset of circulation?

3 thoughts on “Right to charge fees ballot measure actually attempt to remove right to work laws?”

  1. that IS insidious. in a right to work state, that COULD in fact force non-union members to have to pay dues to any union which is involved in any degree to contract negotiations, effectively forcing the payment for services rendered against or in spite of their private will in the matter, and forcing subservience to the union without benefit of actual membership or representation thereby. that’s the democrats notion of freedom for you. i can’t wait until the day when all workers who think their national union is helping them sees the union benefitting on the other side by helping huge multi-state corporations hold down the wage demands of various local union groups.

  2. Maybe the number of proposed ballot measures this year is making people think twice about signing any of them. Hopefully. Personally I don’t trust any of them to tell the actual truth when they want a signature, so I just ignore them all.

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