Robin Schiro candidate arrest story making the papers in District 17

Shortly after District 17 House candidate Robin Schiro was addressing the Clay County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner audience talking about why she was running, she was also making the papers in both Union and Clay Counties:

Her involvement with officers would end with her eventually being taken to the Union County Jail to be held there on another warrant from Lawrence County and to begin a mental health committal process. She was telling officials while in the booking room of the jail that she was bugged by the IRS.

“She said she was bugged and that they were watching her with cameras in her teeth,” Union County Deputy Sheriff Kevin O’Mahoney wrote in an affidavit of probable cause for warrantless arrest filed in Union County April 11. “(Union County) Sheriff Prouty was notified and advised to allow her to be booked into the jail on her charges/warrant and that we will continue the mental health committal process. At the time of this report, the process is still being worked.”

Read the entire story here.

2 thoughts on “Robin Schiro candidate arrest story making the papers in District 17”

  1. isn’t anybody going to publish the names of the people who signed her nominating petitions so they can receive the public humiliation they so richly deserve?

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