Rounds Ribbon Cutting in Sioux Falls

US Senator Mike Rounds is back in state this week, and part of his official duties included the ribbon cutting at his new Sioux Falls service office, which yours truly was invited down for:


13 thoughts on “Rounds Ribbon Cutting in Sioux Falls”

  1. Of course you were personally invited. You’re a political hack firmly in the man’s pocket, and you live for the bizarre ego boost so many political hacks get out of their proximity to power.

    1. Or I run a political web site devoted to covering politics, and I do this sort of thing regularly?

      Haters gotta hate. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read.

      1. With so many clueless commentators these days knowing nothing about politics except what they saw on Fox or MSNBC, I’d wear the “political hack” label as a badge of honor.

        1. I’ve been involved in politics long enough to realize people like Pat have poisoned the process.

  2. I think it is wonderful Mr. PP got invited to a ribbon cutting with Mr. Rounds. I bet they had snacks and everything too.

    1. They did, but I just had some coffee. Pretty good crowd from the Chamber there. I mainly wanted to meet Mike’s media staff who were here from Washington, so I could put faces with names.

  3. Why is Mark Johnstone cutting the ribbon ? I thought he had a big important job with Sanford, which is why he quit the Senate. Or is Round’s office and Sanford now one and the same ?

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