KCCR News – Brendan Johnson “not now” thinking about running for statewide office.

Tony Mangan at KCCR news got the closest thing to a hint about Brendan Johnson’s political future yesterday when interviewing the outgoing US Attorney:

Johnson announced Wednesday that he is resigning March 11 to go into private practice in Sioux Falls. Johnson, the son of retired Democratic U.S. Senator Tim Johnson, has long been rumored to be a possible candidate some day for a statewide office.

But Johnson, who has declined in the past to speculate about any such intentions, tells KCCR News that he is not now thinking about that possibility.

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8 thoughts on “KCCR News – Brendan Johnson “not now” thinking about running for statewide office.”

  1. Why in the world would Brendan go to the effort to call back all these reporters, including DC political reporters at Roll Call, unless he was prepping for a big run?

  2. Hey Pat,

    Word in Sioux Falls is that Herseth Sandlin gave a pretty political speech at a women’s breakfast this morning. Also heard her former CoS Tessa Gould was in town even though she still works for Heitkamp.

    1. Why would SHS pass on 2014 and then turnaround and run in 2016? If I’m SHS or BJ I sit out a few more cycles while the SDDP rebuilds (maybe) and Obama gets out of the WH. They’re both young enough that they can wait until 2018 or 2020. One take a shot at the House seat if Noem runs for Gov and one takes on Rounds.

      1. My guess is Brendan Johnson runs for Congress when he sees an opportunity to win. Right now he probably doesn’t think he could win (but I bet it would be close 48%-52).

        The job he has probably wasn’t one taken so he could run for office.

        Honestly when I’m reading about Brendan Johnson I’m thinking that he is what is wrong with this country. He’s a spoiled senators son. He gets a much easier path in life than everyone else and that is just the way he has it. I wouldn’t want him as a congressman. He’s used the system to get his share and lots of other people work hard and he takes their opportunites because of who his dad is.

  3. He’s going to be a ‘rainmaker’ and makes loads of money. He won’t be able to afford the pay cut. Nice work if you can get it.

    1. He lives in a 1.5 million dollar house and his wife is a dermatologist. I don’t think money is a concern at the Johnson household..

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