Senate Recap: District 17 – an evening in Pleasantville, where everyone is liked equally. Literally.

This race went down to the wire, and was going to go to Nancy Rasmussen.. until it didn’t.

It’s not that the contest was hard fought or bitter.. It was the exact opposite. It was cordial, and the candidates talked about themselves. The campaigning was spirited, and not overwhelming on either side. And how could you pick? Nancy is as warm and personable as they come. Art Rusch is an absolute gentleman.

It came down to half of the voters aligning with Art, and half with Nancy. Except for those 6 extra people who went with Art.  A different day with different weather would have gone the other way.

And you would not be shocked if you saw the two combatants sit down tomorrow at the local cafe’ over pie and coffee and talk about the night with no regret and well wishes for the other.

Sometimes in the hard fought world of politics, that’s kind of refreshing.