South Dakota Legislative Candidate arrested for obstruction of a police officer, jailed pending further charges and possible committal.

It looks like yesterday was not District 17 Republican House candidate Robin Schiro‘s day. Because she spent part of it in the Union County Jail charged with 22-11-6, obstructing an officer. And it sounds as if she may be picking up other charges in Clay County, as well as law enforcement having her case brought in front of the Union County Mental Health Board of Directors.

It appears she was brought to jail after refusing to sign.

The ticket is bad enough for a legislative candidate facing a primary on June 4th..  But the narrative is so much worse.

From the Affidavit of Probable Cause for warrantless arrest:

“Shortly after, the Frontier and Trooper Gonzalez passed me. The Frontier took exit 18 southbound off-ramp into Elk Point. Myself, Deputy Gardini and Sergeant J. Christie, Elk Point Police Officer C. Trudeau and Chief J. Limoges, all surrounded the house; however, Iwas advised by Officer Trudeau that the female driver already exited her vehicle and entered her residence. tI was decided to leave the situation be at the time, and to just wait for Clay County to approve a warrant for the driver’s arrest for eluding law enforcement (SDCL 32-33-18.1). Al units then went back into service. I later found out that the female was the registered owner, Robin Schiro (white female, DOB 11/13/1959). I was told Schiro has mental health disorders. I also discovered that Clay County Sheriff’s Office began to pursue her because they were able to identify her driving with a warrant. She refused to stop for Clay County units and Trooper Gonzalez.”

“Around 1630 hours, Officer Trudeau radioed that the Frontier was not at the house anymore, but he did not know a direction of travel. I advised I would keep watch for it. I called Union County Dispatch and asked if Schiro’s warrant was valid out of Lawrence, SD. I was told that a confirmation was sent, and Lawrence replied that it was still valid and they wished for her to be held, if located. It hen ended my phone call. Deputy Gardini was partnered with me in my patrol vehicle during this time.”

So, Schiro was not only in trouble for what had taken place in Clay County, but as I noted earlier, she already had an outstanding warrant in Lawrence County.    And she seems to be hanging on to the talk about the IRS (my emphasis…)

Schiro then got very angry with me as I told her the facts I knew at the time. Schiro began to contest her outstanding warrant. Schiro mentioned that she did not stop for the officers earlier in Clay County because they did not have a valid warrant for her to stop. Schiro kept raising her voice saying I work for the IRS despite me identifying myself as a sworn and certified Deputy Sheriff of the Union County Sheriff’s Office. I had to ask for her ID multiple times. After arguing over it for a bit, she finally complied with my lawful command to give me identification, as I was investigating her for the previous eluding and her warrant.


Upon arrival to the jail, we entered the booking room. I called the Union County Mental Health board of directors to speak regarding a mental health committal for the time being, as Schiro was in the sally port making comments about her being bugged by the IRS. She said she was bugged and that they were watching her with cameras in her teeth. Sheriff Prouty was notified and advised to allow her to be booked into the jail on her charges/warrant and that we wil continue the mental committal process. At the time of this report, the process is still being worked.

I am charging Schiro for violation of SDCL 22-11-6 (obstruction). Schiro’s charges for eluding out of Clay County, SD, for earlier, are still pending. Her warrant with Lawrence County, SD, is for violating SDCL 32-25-7 (speeding on other roadways). A copy of the warrant was uploaded into this report.

Bugged by the IRS and that they were watching with cameras in her teeth..  That’s not good.

Read that in the attached, below.

Robin Schiro 63cri24-000157_affidavit of Probable Cause for Warrantless Arrest by Pat Powers on Scribd

The bottom line is that she should not be on the ballot.. and we can hope she gets help for what ails her.

And trust me. Going to Pierre as a legislator is not the cure for having personal problems. We have enough people there who you have to take a moment on, without accusations of teeth bugging.

19 thoughts on “South Dakota Legislative Candidate arrested for obstruction of a police officer, jailed pending further charges and possible committal.”

  1. The sad part here is another very intelligent person after looking at her past accomplishments who fell into one rabbit hole after another of conspiracies fueled by political and economic grifter’s rhetoric resulting in a move to South Dakota for their FreeDumb!

  2. There should be a mental competency test that candidates need to pass before being allowed to run for office.

  3. What, no way. John Dale and Mike Z. worked so hard to establish a positive reputation for legal behavior while being totally insane and playing politics. How dare she undermine their hard work?

  4. Do us all a favor and publish the names and addresses of every damn fool who signed her nominating petitions. We need to know.

    1. Right?!? And you know she will remain on the primary ballot, so let’s see how many more fools waste a vote on her.

      1. I don’t know – I can see her circulating petitions in Vermillion(or Elk Point) and enough people signing to get her on the Primary Ballot without them having any idea who she is…
        You REALLY don’t need that many signatures to get on the ballot, and there are enough people who will sign just to be polite even if they know that they’ll never EVER vote for the candidate.
        Now – the people who vote for her in the Primary…after seeing who she is – they have issues.

        1. If you are approached by somebody talking about IRS agents being trained in a terrorist cell in Pagosa Springs CO, she is being bugged, she’s got cameras in her teeth, and at the same time she wants you to give her your name and address, you are supposed to RUN. Nobody sane would sign it, because once you’ve signed her petition, SHE KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE.

          1. what about the police officers names who got leaked from an unauthorized leak of police documents? I feel bad for them they live in her town.

  5. There is a Senate candidate who has questionable fraudulent behavior.
    Maybe all candidates need to be investigated.

  6. Another West River Legislative candidate should be investigated for elder abuse and embezzlement from a family member’s business.

          1. There have been hearings about this matter, that are presently public information. The judge seems to have overlooked a number of incidents that are in these records. Further investigation is needed into the physical and mental abuse, embezzlement and harassment. The destroying of records and misappropriation of funds still needs to be investigated.

  7. Is this where all the wild talk about IRS agents on the loose in South Dakota arresting various people and putting them in lock up…(some say concentration camps) originates. It is reminiscent of the John Birch Society recruitment tales used in the 50’s. Also brings to mind the “black helicopters” of the recent past.

    1. There was an interesting book, “Operators and Things, The Inner Life of a Schizophrenic,” by Barbara O’Brien, describing her descent into paranoid schizophrenia.
      It began when she noticed co-workers were competing with, and even undermining each other.
      A real situation, in which people really were out to sabotage each other’s careers, ballooned into paranoia about all social interactions.
      Dr John Nash (A Beautiful Mind) started showing symptoms of schizophrenia in his 30s, at the height of the Cold War, when everybody in his field of expertise was under scrutiny. Everybody was suspicious, and worried about losing their security clearances.
      Schizophrenia, like myths, legends, and rumors, begins with a kernel of reality. Something real must have happened to Ms. Schiro, and her head exploded.

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