Stace Nelson created group adds Gordon Howie, Shawn Tornow, others to endorse Russell for Attorney General

A Stace Nelson created group (yes, the one that actually had someone adding boy parts on their logo to make it more manly) sent out a press release last night announcing that they and others including Gordon Howie, & Shawn Tornow have endorsed Lance Russell for Attorney General in the vote being held on Saturday at the Republican Convention:

In one of its first official caucus acts, a majority of the members of the Conservative Republican Caucus approved the caucus endorsing conservative caucus member Senator Lance Russell (R-Hot Springs) to be the Republican nominee for South Dakota Attorney General.

Caucus members Rep. Liz May (R-Kyle), Rep. Sam Marty (R-Prairie City), Rep. Steve Livermont (R-Martin), Rep. Tim Goodwin (R-Rapid City), Rep. Drew Dennert (R-Aberdeen), Rep. Dan Kaiser (R-Aberdeen), Rep. Tom Pischke (R-Dell Rapids), Rep. Lynne Hix-DiSanto (R-Rapid City), Rep. Julie Frye-Mueller (R-Rapid City), Rep. “Chip” Campbell (R-Rapid City), Senator Phil Jensen (R-Rapid City), and Senator Stace Nelson (R-Fulton) supported the caucus position by adding their personal public endorsements.

Joining the caucus members with their own personal endorsements of Senator Russell are Assistant Majority Leader Senator Ryan Maher (R-Isabel), Senate President Pro-Tem Senator Brock Greenfield (R-Clark); and, former legislators Senator Betty Olson (R-Prairie City), Senator Gordon Howie (R-Rapid City),  Rep. Don Kopp (R-Rapid City), Rep. Shawn Tornow (R-Sioux Falls), Rep. Glenn Freeman (R-Midland), Rep. Gary Jerke (R-Tripp), Rep. Patricia Stricherz (R-Winfred), and  Rep. Jamie Boomgarden (R-Chancellor).

“Senator Lance Russell has led the battle on corruption in SD going back to his days as a Fall River County States Attorney when he was politically reprimanded for his efforts prosecuting connected people involved in fraud.  Undeterred, Senator Russell continued his efforts in the Legislature by supporting get tough on crime measures and aggressively pushing for answers and accountability in the EB-5 and GEAR Up state government corruption scandals. Lance Russell has the best total record the last ten years on conservative Republican issues such as supporting the 2nd Amendment, defending the unborn, and defending the rights of South Dakotans in the Legislature.”  Stated Chair Representative Liz May (Kyle-SD).  “Senator Lance Russell is the only person who has bona fides of fighting state government corruption, who has extensive criminal prosecutorial experience, and he is the only candidate who has the extensive Legislative experience needed to affect changes in our criminal statutes to address the exploding crime rate in SD.  Senator Russell’s efforts as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, on the State Tribal Relations Committee, and prosecutor dealing with tribal issues, makes him the most qualified to deal with Native American issues.  Lance Russell is the best candidate, in either party, to restore South Dakotans confidence in our state government.  We encourage the delegates to join us in supporting Senator Lance Russell to be our SD Attorney General. “

I did notice that in the footer for the release that the Nelson led group is apparently claiming a mailing address that shares office space with the Tornow Law Office in Sioux Falls.

And there you go.

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  1. I gotta tell you, the amount of mailers I’ve been getting from Team Lance has been impressive. But when the nut-jobs endorse him, all else is meaningless. Nut-job endorsement is all the reason I need to vote for another candidate.

    Lance, you’re a smart guy. Disavow your relationship with the not-jobs else people think you are a nut-job.

    Lance, people don’t want a nut-job as their AG. You could be the best damn lawyer in the universe – but if you’re a nut job, people won’t trust you. No trust = lost election.

    1. I agree. I like Stace and some of these other fellows but I would like to see lance occasionally push back. It would show leadership.

      They are all cowardly when it comes time to tell one of their own they’ve gone too far. The sign of a leader is when they talk to their minions and say knock it off.

    1. Maybe if John Fitzgerald wouldn’t have testified for Lance at his disciplinary hearing they would have disbarred him like they should have done!

    2. Hmmmmmmm. That part about shredding documents sounds Hillaryesque. Maybe that’s where she got the idea.

    3. Wasn’t Russell fired recently from a position?

      There is a whole lot of reason why NOT to vote for Russell and very few to none why to vote for Russell. These endorsements alone show why no delegate should vote for Russell, let alone the baggage he carries.

      1. You’re diluted. John hasn’t ever been released from a job and has won his last 12 campaigns in a row. He’s the Republicans best bet and by FAR the best candidate for AG. You say you couldn’t give us a reason to vote Fitzgerald? Well I can give you million reasons why he’d be better than lance without taking a 2nd breath.

  2. So, does that mean Stace is going to be Lance’s head of DCI, and Tornow is going to be his Deputy?

  3. Another wave of personal attacks on conservatives. We must be a real threat to the Establishment’s system of legalized corruption.

  4. If Lance wins we’ll have the Nosh Room, Nosh Range, Nosh Patrol, Nosh Gun, and the Nosh Silencer for those who don’t believe in Nosh.

  5. No surprise to see the Bull Elephant MINO and his followers including Kaiser and young Dennert.

    1. Dennert is on thin ice in his district. I’ve heard he says one thing to your face and another to your back.

      1. That kid never should of been elected in the first place. It shows just how bad District 3 became when there is no competition in the market. The citizens deserve better and he needs to go back to the farm.

          1. If someone worth a darn runs against Dennert, he will lose. Just like Kaiser for Sheriff.

  6. Russell would have this won on the first ballot if his conservative colleagues in the Senate supported him more.

    Wiik is helping Ravnsborg in his district.

    Tapio is helping Ravnsborg in Codington.

    Omdahl and Stalzer are helping Fitzgerald in SF.

    Who is Netherton supporting?

    Who is monroe supporting in pierre?

    Who is Bolin supporting in Lincoln?

    Who is Haugaard supporting?

    Who is Otten supporting?

    These are important people at a convention and they aren’t with their colleague. It’s not a good sign of working together to build consensus.

    I’m open to supporting Russell. He’s my first or second choice with Fitzgerald. But I’m going to ask these people if they are with Russell and why or why not.

    1. bahahahaha Lance Russell and working together to build a consensus, you have got to be kidding!

  7. Lance and his endorsers make up a complete list of the most ineffective legislators of the past few years. Collectively, they howl at the moon about many things, but get almost none of their bills passed. Throw in his endorsement from SD Gun Owners and you have the whole picture. Not exactly what SD needs in an AG.

  8. Thank God!! I was getting worried that Russell might win, but this endorsement from the looney-bin should certainly put an end to any hope he may have had.

    1. Thanks for helping me prove that this web site is used by anonymous liberals to attack conservatives.

  9. The most disappointing on this list is Ryan Maher followed by Brock Greenfield…. the rest are your normal cast of characters

  10. Can someone explain why Senator Russell was one of only 2 sponsors of HB 1150, a railroad union featherbedding bill which would have put in SD statute the number of crew members required on a train? This has always been an item determined in collective bargaining and not in state law. Put together by big unions in Ohio and DC . In the 2018 session it was defeated receiving only 12 Yes votes on the House floor.

    1. Can’t explain that nor can anybody legitimately explain his vote on 2017 HB 1069 which would have required $12,000,000 in taxpayer funds to go to political campaigns.
      The Republican Platform as approved in 2016 even states, in plank 5.15, that we are in opposition to the use of taxpayer dollars to finance political campaigns.
      The only explanation for his vote on HB1069 is that he and Stace wanted to get their hands on that money themselves.

  11. Very few attorneys have engaged in conduct so bad as to warrant a Supreme Court decision about it. At the time, and maybe still, Lance Russell was the only prosecutor in South Dakota disciplined for misusing his Office.
    Delegates should take their responsibility to South Dakota very seriously, weighing this misuse of office when deciding who they want under their banner on the ballot.
    Facts matter. The Democrats most certainly would prefer Russell, given his proven character record

    1. Lee, I agree any allegations of misconduct of ones office for such malicious prosecution cannot stand and I could not support any candidate that had been held responsible for such actions either.

      1. He has the big mo behind him. He’s a serious threat.

        Depends on who shows up. If lance wins then the LG nomination could be in play.

  12. Said someone not willing to put their name behind: “If lance wins then the LG nomination could be in play.”

    In other words, the best thing Noem can do to get her LG pick is to get involved in defeating Russell? Not quite sure that is a message Russell wanted to send to Noem supporters but you never know.

    1. I don’t think Noem wants any part of the AG race….she alienates the potential winner and a lot of the party no matter who she picks.

  13. It’s time to stand with President Trump. Every foreign born person in South Dakota must be taken to a holding facility and eventually deported. The vetting process was flawed for these aliens and when they pass new regulations they can return. Make America Great Again.

  14. Well at least we re not associated with last place stace anymore. DELEGATE FOR FITZGERALD

    1. No one ever thought you were not with Fitzgerald…but coordination continues

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