State House & Senate trying to improve relations this session

After some policy disagreements over the past year, House and Senate Leadership are at least publicly telling reporters that they are trying to get along better this session, according to the Argus Leader:

To some House Republicans, Schoenbeck has been the architect of the Senate’s success in policy differences with the House.

Schoenbeck said he and Gosch are trying to set a new tone this session.

“There were obviously some bumpy roads last year,” he said. “I would tell you that this year has absolutely started off on a different foot. We’ve been texting each other, but I’m not saying we’re dating.”

Unlike the fractious Republican caucus in the House, Schoenbeck said Senate Republicans have been cohesive and fearless.

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13 thoughts on “State House & Senate trying to improve relations this session”

  1. What would be better than a theatric performance of soap opera level relations is to solve real problems in SD. No I’m not referring to transgender sports bills or 50+ marijuana bills or how well house/senate gets along. Please take the high road and work on important issues in SD and move on from the opera. Thanks
    Some ideas? Here’s just a few.
    1) Investing the war chest of COVID $$ into our state’s future. Bridges? Roads? Tech Scholarships?
    2) Continued assistance in funding nursing homes and expanding home and community based services.
    3) Increase investment into workforce and retaining/recruiting workers into SD. It’s hampering our ability to grow.

  2. Lee is a master of bipartisan legislation. He works well within the party but is open to logical input from Dems and dissenting house republicans. Thanks Lee for representing South Dakota , not just your party.

  3. As I was reading this story it came back to me that at one point at a public forum Lee referred to the previous Speaker Gosch as “pond scum”, which subsequently got him booted from caucus.

  4. Republicans want on a pat on the back for not acting like jerks. First they say they’ll stop lying, now they promise not to fight? Wow so brave.

  5. Schoenbeck’s pompous outing of Gosch’s impeachment voting records is starting out on the right foot?…

    Making the record public was probably the right thing to do, but a little out of Lee’s lane. I couldn’t access the full article, but I’d be interested to hear Gosch’s take on the state of their relationship.

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