State Liberal blog(s) off the air

South Dakota’s far left political blog Dakota Free Press has apparently been off the air since yesterday.

But even more curious is that author Cory Heidelberger’s original website Madville Times is also off the air with an identical “Error establishing a database connection.”

I imagine there are some notions that are so nutty that even our computer overlords have to say “Oh Hell No.”


Looks like Cory resolved his technical issues. However, I’m sure the errors in his hard-left writing will continue to plague him.

8 thoughts on “State Liberal blog(s) off the air”

    1. I was openly lied about pretty badly over there, but I tried not to let that get to me. I appreciated that Cory let me reach his audience, even if a very vocal minority of folks who likely read get on the offensive in the comments.

      I hope he can get things sorted and bring it back online. Like vitamins, I need a full spectrum of ideas to thrive.

      But here are some highlights:

      My website has malware.

      I will be put on a Red Flag list in Colorado.

      I’m a carpetbagger.

      I did an entire transmission of hate mail, mostly from two posters on that site.

      Grudznick approved this message.

  1. Cory Heidelberger’s small group of “out of state name callers” commenters are probably toking up non-stop wondering what they will do with their time. Good riddance Dakota Free Press!

    1. Several of the out of state name callers have lashed out at grudznick over the email because they have no other way to release their hate and rage. This “outage” really got their goat.

      1. I would not be surprised if a few of CAH’s out of state name callers are “peacefully protesting” police throwing peaceful bricks at police, peacefully destroying property and peacefully looting.

  2. Oh no, that’s too bad (dripping sarcasm)!

    What is the dwarf king and his out-of-state minions going to do without the daily public release of the Noem Derangement Syndrome associated hate?

  3. “Bit Tech bots are the greatest threat to the 1st amendment today”

    “They shut Heidelburgler up”

    “well, they are just harmless machines, I guess”

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