That’s not how I heard it was going to be.. Kristi Noem reminds President ‘I told you so’


33 thoughts on “That’s not how I heard it was going to be.. Kristi Noem reminds President ‘I told you so’”

  1. Why does Noem continue to lie…. At the beginning her approach was government control

    Read her executive orders

    Read the legislation she proposed

    1. Politics. That is the reason why her own health department can require all sorts of vaccines… but she shows defiance on this particular one. Politics.

  2. Would a moderate Republican please step up and primary this political grifter and grandstander? Please? South Dakota deserves better than this!

  3. And now we’re 16th in deaths per 100k in a sparely populated, spread out state. Great work Gov.

  4. Noem writes: “That’s why from the start, SD took a different approach by trusting our citizens to be responsible and make the right decisions for themselves & their families.”

    Most of our citizens are responsible. Some are not – which is why we have things like criminal law, fines and jails. A few are recklessly spreading COVID. Maybe more than a few.

    If our governor were “responsible”, she would be encouraging the things that help reduce hospitalizations and death. But no. She’d rather throw mud at those trying to solve the problem. And she’d prefer to cheer on super-spreader events.

    We have almost double the death rate of Nebraska. South Dakota has more bleak COVID numbers than any state bordering us.

    She says it’s the state’s responsibility. Well… then act like it.

    1. Elk,

      Do you think she should encourage people to take a vaccine that doesn’t prevent you from getting covid?

      Keep in mind that the science can’t prove it reduces your symptoms or prevents death.

    2. well the interesting thing is, it appears we have gotten it over with, while states that had the most restrictions, like Vermont, are now having a surge.
      The virus will never go away; deal with it. Get it over with, so we can get back to normal, ASAP.

      1. This is an easy one.

        The unvaccinated are getting COVID and are hospitalized at much higher rates than the vaccinated. Even if they live… in Vermont.

  5. Most of us are aware that OMICRON can cause illness in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. It is still advisable to get the jab. It will lessen the severity of the infection. The experts say so.

    You are not an expert. I am not. Do we really want to pretend that we are?

    What is it about THIS vaccine that makes people so crazy? You’ve had vaccines your whole life. Stop believing Infowars.

    1. Elk, the idea that we must surrender our own judgement and common sense and defer blindly to these so called “experts” is literally absurd. If you want to do that, so be it, but I have no duty or obligation to do the same.

        1. There’s a big difference between a state mandate and a federal mandate. I don’t expect you to grasp that difference, but trust me on this one.

        2. There is no mandate in SD to get vaccinated period!!!

          Yes some are required to get vaccinated to go to school but, we have exemption processes. If you think about this logically, most people over 35 are under vaccinated per the recommended vaccine schedule. My parents who are 70 only had like 3 or so vaccines in their entire life. I have yet to see any laws requiring me to get any of these “said” vaccines. I don’t see any for Chickenpox, Hep A or B, Gardasil, which are all in the newer bucket vs MMR, tetanus, etc .

          I find the whole vaccine debate dumb. If they work get them and its your body your choice. This whole BS that someone needs to get them to protect SOMEONE else is dumb as well. Its not my job to protect you and take the risk of the vaccine causing an issue and they DO cause issues, while small percentage it can occur. Its not someone’s choice to choose for me nor should I be locked out because I make a decision for myself or vice versus. To each their own

          1. You write:

            “There is no mandate in SD to get vaccinated period!!! Yes some are required to get vaccinated to go to school but…”


            But noooo mandates here. No way.

  6. Eventually those who wanted their “freedom” will die of Covid and only the vaccinated will be left. At that point Covid will be under control. Problem solved.

    1. Eventually those who wanted their “freedom” will die of cancer, car crashes, alcoholism, heart failure, obesity, diabetes, suicide, murder,and a multitude of other causes……..

    2. Just a stupid Comment and its clear you will be a one of the folks who turn in your neighbor someday for not complying with some govt mandate. Do you honestly believe that these shots will have no long term consequences for some. We know nothing about them nor their long term affects and the goal posts are being moved monthly. Surly the Pharmaceutical industry has NEVER been sued for making a bad product that caused injury and death!!!. Don’t be so obtuse and short sighted. Interesting fact is that the Pharmaceutical has been indemnified and cannot be sued for vaccines any longer. The CDC has also changed the definition of a vaccine to include the Rona shot.

      Poetic Justice would be folks like you procuring the long term side affects of these vaccines vs the folks who just did it because they trusted the govt. Check out the VAERS website to show all the reported issues so far.

      1. Relative to COVID vaccination status, there will be no need for neighbors to “turn in” those around them.
        Simply let nature sort it out.
        See also – Darwin, Charles R.

        Carry on.

  7. It’s not the party of Bob Dole, Gerald Ford or Eisenhower Republican Party anymore. It’s the party of Mike Lindell election conspiracy symposiam, Sanford’s cash cow conspiracy off of Transgender, Aberdeen is a No-Go zone conspiracy with ISIS infiltrators ready to strike a terrorist attack or Lord knows whatever else. Now it’s the “Plandemic COVID hoax” ranging from microchips, secret sterilization, “The Great Reset” with anti-vaxxers now being mainstreamed.

  8. “The federal government isn’t the solution.”

    I agree Governor! Let’s go ahead and send back all that money to D.C.

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