Today’s humorous post regarding the Annette Bosworth Trial

From Todd Epp:

Dr. Annette Bosworth’s criminal trial on 12 felony counts related to the signing and notarizing of her 2014 Republican U.S. Senate ballot petitions starts Wednesday afternoon. Here are the top seven things I can think of that will be more productive than watching the good doctor do a header off the judicial system.

2 -Build my own crazy train.

I could go downstairs into my basement and build my own crazy train from items I find laying about, like an old filing cabinet, a broken toaster, some tricycle wheels and a Betamax VCR. That would be more useful than following the Bosworth trial.

Read it all here: Top Six Things That Are More Productive Than Watching the Bosworth Trial

Actually, I put off writing on tonight’s craziness myself, and worked on my workbench area, merging my recently passed father-in-law’s tools to my own. It kept me from it for a few hours!

One thought on “Today’s humorous post regarding the Annette Bosworth Trial”

  1. or floss my dog’s teeth that go watch the another Boz implosion in Pierre.

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