16 thoughts on “Tusli Gabbard appears with Governor Kristi Noem in Rapid and Sioux Falls today”

    1. I understand you want:

      child use to grow, like Colorado where child use went up 61%

      teen suicide to increase

      traffic deaths to rise because of dope use

      kids to be more depressed

        1. It takes a special kind of stupid to believe, and even more so to make, the equivalency argument between marijuana and alcohol. A vast majority of people who drink alcohol do so because they like the taste and do not drink enough of it, usually no more than one or two drinks, for it to affect their mental or physical state, but 100% of marijuana users use marijuana in order to change their mental and physical state.

          1. It takes a special kind of stupid to believe all users will become dope heads or if the same was true all alcohol user will become alcoholics

        2. I don’t recall anyone ever saying these don’t apply to alcohol, because they do. But why make another vice legal when looking at the problems that have been generated in other states that have made it legal?

          Also, when prohibition was repealed did that act make the social ills associated with alcohol disappear? What makes you think it won’t be the same with marijuana?

  1. I am just not a fan of plastic surgery, I think it is like a tattoo, it starts with one, and next thing you know you are 10 procedures deep. Then you have half your face paralyzed with the other half full of filler. It should be illegal, I’ve never seen anyone look better with the use of plastic surgery. If Kristi can ban marijuana for her perception of nobody getting “smarter” (as if she has the capacity to judge that), then I should be able to ban this plastic surgery.

    Anyone else find it ironic that right before this Tulsi came out as a Republican, is it to tee up the idea of a Noem / Gabbard ticket?

      1. I can’t say I “hate” anyone who has had plastic surgery, but I can say I don’t like the look of it. That would even apply to my mother if she were to receive plastic surgery.

        I’ll stick by my stance, lets make elective plastic surgery illegal, I haven’t seen anyone look better by getting it. It doesn’t matter if they feel better to themselves, this is about me, and we must force my beliefs on everyone. Why is it okay to regulate gender change plastic surgery, but we let these injections of poison and filler go on? You must really hate kids.

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