USD Law School being renamed “Knudson School of Law”

I’m not seeing the official release posted anywhere yet, but the Argus has an announcement this morning that as a result of a donation from Denny Sanford, the USD School of Law is getting a name change to the “Knudson School of Law,” for former State Senator Dave Knusdon:

The University of South Dakota’s School of Law will now be known as the University of South Dakota Knudson School of Law after Sioux Falls lawyer and businessman David Knudson, USD officials announced Monday morning.

The naming is the result of a $12.5 million gift from philanthropist T. Denny Sanford, meant to keep the school a national leader in excellence, service and leadership, according to a USD press release.

Read the entire story here.

I know Dave carried and shaped significant trust law before and during his time in the state legislature, but I wish the release would have detailed what his other contributions are to the practice of law in the state.

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  1. He also didn’t graduate from the USD Law School. It appears he is simply a lawyer who knows Denny. That doesn’t seem to be a good reason to name the school after him.

      1. That’s fair, I don’t. I know of his professional and personal accomplishments and my comment wasn’t meant to disparage those. I just always find it odd when a school gets named after a non-alumnus.

        1. The non-alumnus is a fair argument. The “he is simply a lawyer who knows Denny” comment just seemed like an unnecessary dig. Glad that the money was donated, and the person who donated the money is free to put whatever stipulations they want on it. The school, in turn, is free to decline the donation based on those stipulations or for whatever reason they deem sufficient.

    1. I went to both the law school and USD’s website looking for the official release. I hope if/when it is available from USD, they go into more detail. This article would not appear to do him justice.

  2. Having seen my two kids through doctorate degrees and the attendant scholarship searches, I would prefer it be made available as half tuition to twice the number of students, and be contingent on maintaining a certain GPA.

      1. Hey now.. My son-in-law is currently a law school student, and it has been mentioned that my daughter is getting ready to take the LSAT. Someone needs to be successful enough able to care for me in my old age in the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to.

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