Word from Monae Johnson campaign that SOS hopeful has already started selecting staff.

Glad I was able to make the local GOP monthly meeting yesterday, as I picked up a bit of political gossip I hadn’t yet heard.

One of the chief Lieutenants of the Monae Johnson for Secretary of State campaign was announcing to the room that the SOS hopeful had already started vetting employees to serve under her employ if she’s elected for the office, and that people will be excited to hear who will be in the office come this next January, assuming she wins her seat.

I did hear later in the day that Monae herself had dispelled rumors that Citizens for Liberty honcho Tonchi Weaver, whose group had recently hosted Democrat Candidate Jamie Smith, would NOT be one of those persons working at the SOS.

So, we’ll have to wait and see who does make the list.

21 thoughts on “Word from Monae Johnson campaign that SOS hopeful has already started selecting staff.”

  1. Lie. Tonchi will be the number 2 on elections. We will finally be able to fix the broken voting system. Expect more on Tuesday.

    1. You mean, fix as in ensuring her side wins no matter what and likely still claiming fraud when they lose? Yeah, she will fix it, I bet.

      1. You got that right. She would rig the elections like she does the “Citizens for Liberty” scorecard.

        1. The CFL Scorecard is based on the voting records of the Legislature, which are public records that you can access. There is no rigging of the scorecard. Their votes are listed as well as the bill number. Look them up yourself if you doubt the validity of the scorecard.

  2. Citizens for Liberty is willing to hear from ALL candidates for public office, regardless of their party affiliation. Tonchi Weaver is one of the most Conservative people in the state as well as one of the most knowledgeable about the bills up for consideration as well as those formerly passed or rejected by the Legislature. I guess Terry forgot about the jobs given to family members by Governor Noem. Monae Johnson may be considering who will be on her staff, as would any candidate up for election. I would bet Marty Jackley is also considering who will be on his staff if he wins the election.

    1. CFL continues to invite candidates to present their views regardless of their party affiliation. In addition to Jamie Smith, they have hosted a Libertarian candidate, Nicole Heenan, whose views were not shared by a majority of the attendees that evening and just last week, Democrat House candidate Darla Drew.
      As mentioned previously, CFL was formed as a 501 c-4 for the purpose of educating the public on political and social issues. No one should be concerned about speakers if they don’t agree on the same issues…visitors can always leave if they find they don’t like what they’re hearing. While a majority of CFL members are conservatives, the organization has no ALLEGIANCE to any political party.

  3. I heard Roetman and Monae have had a … difference of opinion … and have parted ways. So I suspect Roetman will not be on her list.

    1. I expect Taffy to continue her opposition to the Emancipation Act and all related celebrations of that event.

  4. Tempting fate by putting the cart before the horse. Granted, it would likely take slapping a baby or saying “Hail Satan” for her to lose, but still wait till the votes are counted.

  5. Secretary Johnson has assured us that, following the 2022 election, our team will be given full access to the results, records, and ballots to review. Working with the team at SullivanStrickler out of Atlanta, and Sidney Powell, Secretary Johnson will keep our elections fair, safe, and true. God Bless America, and God Bless Monae Johnson!

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