You don’t need that due process…..

From Twitter, the Sioux Falls City Council recount is in process:

Why do I have this mental picture of Theresa Stehly waving her hand in front of Alex Jensen like a Jedi, muttering the words you don’t need that due process….

9 thoughts on “You don’t need that due process…..”

  1. I gotta say I think she has officially lost it, hang it up Ms Stehly. I have supported her and wanted her to win and I think Alex is just another Rubber Stamper but, she has lost a lot of credibility. Who cares if he has 10 Lawyers and even the Liberal Argus Leader has been beating her up a bit as of late. She just needs to hang it up, I gotta abandon ship on her as a City Councilor for her own mental health.

  2. i hear you “come on,” but a team of lawyers and a lackey spokesperson from the state’s ad agency for a friggin city council seat? plus i’m guessing that twit matt paulsen is lurking somewhere as well. in the end the votes will either be 5-3 or 6-2 so what’s it really matter?

  3. Did she ask the question because she is that ignorant or because she is trying to provoke a response? Either way, it makes her look even worse.

  4. And they have already thrown out 10 votes for Jensen and 2 for Stehly. Why don’t you concentrate on the real issues rather than just trying to stir up drama?

    1. I wonder if she still wants every vote counted? With Jensen’s 10 votes getting thrown out, I’m guessing she will change her tune. To her, its always been about winning at any cost.

      1. I wouldn’t speak too soon. There are hundreds of ballots that were postmarked days before the election that didn’t get delivered until after 7pm on election day that were thrown out. Add in the undervotes and you might see quite a bit of difference in voting numbers. I don’t see how this won’t end up in court and I bet both parties will support that option. Even if she wins, the RS5 will still have control. RS6 won’t make much of a difference except they have one extra puppet.

  5. One change that needs to be made in the City Charter is a term ends x number of days after an election. If the election is not resolved, the seat is empty.

    It is not right that there is an incentive for an incumbent who loses to slow play the recount and election resolution. (BTW, I have no idea if TS is slowplaying for to continue serving but this change would eliminate the accusation).

    1. I don’t think she is slowplaying to continue serving but, she appears to be trying to prove a point. I believe she is looking for an issue or “hanging chad” to show the process is broken or unfair. The fact she took so long to decide to run is because I think she was not 100% sure she wanted to continue putting up with the drama (yes much cuased by her) but, nonetheless.

      1. That is my point: You may not think she is slow playing but you don’t know. Either do I. Or a person who thinks she is slow playing. The system doesn’t need that question.

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