Candidate for Gov Lora Hubbel intimates on facebook that mask wearing is devil worship

Self-declared candidate for Governor Lora Hubbel has taken to facebook to intimate that the act of wearing a mask to protect oneself from Coronavirus is apparently a form of devil-worship, as she shares a post discussing how wearing a mask is a satanic ritual:

(Lora is also a rabid anti-vaxxer goofball on not just COVID, but also on preventable childhood diseases.)

If you think about it, between her belief that masks are part of a satanic ritual, and her belief against vaccinations, which would remove the need to wear a mask…

…you’re kind of damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

7 thoughts on “Candidate for Gov Lora Hubbel intimates on facebook that mask wearing is devil worship”

  1. “rabid anti-vaxxer goofball” – ya lost me

    “intimate” – you didn’t say “proudly proclaimed as truth”

    Lora’s statement is actually pretty sound – mask wearing has become a religion. There is no scientific basis for masking everyone.

    So, now that several big lies have been floated to steal an election and (try to) enslave the population, it’s not a question of proving the lies in anyone’s mind (either side).

    Let’s not mince words.

    It’s a question of whether the slavs can successfully chain their masters, who are terrified of losing control?

    1. This is John’s daily reminder that the election wasn’t stolen and he is crazy.

      That is all.

    2. Thank you for supporting your running mate for Governor! When will the two of you start campaigning across the state?

      Hubbel/Dale 2022

    1. Oh bless your heart. This is right up there with your dear leader saying wind turbines cause cancer, or that Mexico is paying for his wall, or that China pays tariffs (not US consumers).

      1. What does this topic have to do with Trump? Are you too conditioned to realize that BOTH parties suck and aren’t doing ANYTHING good for ANY of us citizens? That we are just chattle to them, being pitted against one another to push BOTH of their agendas?

        But sure… keep thinking only ONE party is the bad one when they are one in the same.


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