Kristi Noem for Governor stops for Today and Thursday

(You’ll have to forgive my late posting of today’s schedule – Things are a little busy around here – editor pp)

Noem in Webster, Groton, Aberdeen Thursday

WATERTOWN, S.D. – Kristi Noem will make stops in Webster, Groton, and Aberdeen on Thursday, October 11.


What: Meet Kristi Noem in Webster
When: Thursday, October 11 / 10:15AM
Where: Pereboom Cafe (13 US-12, Webster)

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Groton
When: Thursday, October 11 / 11:30AM
Where: Dairy Queen (11 E US-12, Groton)

What: Kristi Noem to Host Parent-Teacher Conference
When: Thursday, October 11 / 2:00PM
Where: Ken’s Fairway (2105 6th Avenue SE, Aberdeen)

Additional Information: All are invited, as Noem discusses her education agenda. Click here to learn more about Kristi Noem’s education plan.

Noem in Selby, Bowdle, Ipswich, Faulkton, Redfield Wednesday

WATERTOWN, S.D. – Kristi Noem will make stops in Selby, Bowdle, Ipswich, Faulkton, and Redfield on Wednesday, October 10.


What: Meet Kristi Noem in Selby
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 10:00AM
Where: Cloverleaf (3422 Main Street, Selby)

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Bowdle
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 11:00AM
Where: Drakes Place (7098 4th Avenue, Bowdle)

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Ipswich
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 12:20PM
Where: Main Street Ipswich

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Faulkton
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 1:30PM
Where: Senior Citizens Center (812 Court Street, Faulkton)

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Redfield
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 3:00PM
Where: Leo’s Good Food (602 N Main Street, Redfield)

7 Replies to “Kristi Noem for Governor stops for Today and Thursday”

  1. Anonymous

    How much will Kristi’s campaign charge for her constituents to visit with her and ask her questions? Will everything be tightly controlled and scripted again?

    1. Anonymous

      Stop it, it doesn’t work in our favor. Your lies and hatred only generates more votes for Noem. I’m sure Sutton doesn’t want this kind of support.

      When you have the President attend any event, security is tight. How many leftists have threatened to kill him and other Republicans?

  2. Anonymous

    I can just see it. DC Swamp creature & Trump enabler “Trade Wars can be won!” while South Dakota’s AG economy struggles and as at risk of losing future markets Kristi Noem brings her same “Pay for Access” she used as our only US Representative program to the Governor’s office in Pierre.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m telling you, you extremists are going to loose it for Sutton.

      The polls have shifted in favor of Republicans since the Kavanaugh protests. The League of Women CEO is shaming us, celebrities aren’t helping us, you are not helping Democrats. Please, stop.

      Be better.

  3. Kevin W. Nelson

    Since the Kavanaugh Senate Democrat-inspired debacle, and the hate-filled protests; I believe anybody sitting on the fence are not going to vote Democrat this year. Congratulations NOEM Governor.

  4. Nonymouse

    Road conditions and travel time being what it is, either she will be late at every stop, or you will only get to see her for 15 minutes.


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